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You want your home’s electrical system to work as efficiently as possible. Having a team of highly trained technicians standing by for assistance is best to keep your home functioning at peak performance. Electrical service in Chicago isn’t something to tamper with and affects almost every system of your home. At ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric, your comfort and security are our top priority.

You can trust ABC to get your electrical services done right the first time, every time. Contact our Chicago electricians online or give us a call. Our phone number is 888-868-6667.

Electrical Installation, Maintenance, Repair & Replacement

Electrical installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement are the four primary services we offer our customers in the Chicagoland area. The professionals at ABC can perform a wide variety of electrical services that fall into these categories on every system within your home. The goal is to keep every part of your home working at maximum efficiency. We work on:

When you need installation, maintenance, repairs, or replacements on any of your home’s electrical components, call 888-868-6667 to schedule service.

Electrical Upgrades 

If you have an older home, you may need to make upgrades to the electrical system in your home to make it safer and more efficient. Upgrading your home will add more outlets and improve how electricity flows through your home. Replacing your wiring and breaker box can dramatically lower your electric bills.

Are you thinking about upgrading your home’s electrical system? Call 888-868-6667 and talk to the electricians at ABC to learn more if you live in the Chicagoland area.

Inspections & Code Corrections

When you upgrade your electrical system or add a new appliance, you should hire a licensed electrician to ensure all local building codes are met with a standard electrical inspection visit. Any time you have electrical work done on your home, a building inspector must sign off on the job to prove that it meets safety standards. 

Do you need a qualified inspector to visit your home and ensure it’s up to code? Call ABC at 888-868-6667 and schedule an appointment with one of our electrical contractors.

Surge Protection

Sometimes what appears to be an issue with your home’s electrical wiring is actually a matter of inadequate surge protection. With whole-home surge protection services, you can regain reliable power to all of your electronic devices, lighting, and other power-dependent products.

Circuit Breaker & Breaker Panel Services

You don’t want to change circuit breaker repair or breaker panel replacement with an inexperienced technician. The electrical team at ABC has the skills and know-how to get the job done right the first time.

Call ABC at 888-868-6667 to find out more about having your circuit breaker and breaker box replaced or repaired.

closeup of someone flipping a switch in a panel


Generators are a must-have if you face a power outage or know there is a chance of severe weather. Chicago’s frigid weather can lead to weather-related power outages. Having a quality generator will keep your family warm and cozy even if you have no electricity. At ABC, our technicians can inspect, repair, replace, or maintain your generator to always work when you need it.

The technicians at ABC have the skills to keep your generator working when you need it. Call 888-868-6667

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is effective for outside activities and can add an extra layer of protection for your home and family. The electrical technicians at ABC can install or repair your outdoor lighting so it always functions when you need it to. We can even install security and dusk-to-dawn lights for your Chicago-area home.

For top-rated outdoor lighting installation, call 888-868-6667 or contact us online today!

How To Choose a Good Electrician

Have you been staring at your computer for hours thinking, “How do I find local electricians in my area who are trustworthy and reliable?” We get it. Choosing a residential electrician can be daunting. Here are some guidelines for how to make the best choice:

  • Get their license number: If you can’t find it or they won’t give it to you, that’s a bad sign. An electrician’s license is your guarantee that they have completed the required coursework and training to work on your electrical system. Do not hire anyone who is not licensed and certified to do the work you need to be performed.
  • Look up company reviews: Have other local homeowners had a good experience with that electrical contractor? It’s no guarantee that you will, but a company with terrible reviews should raise red flags.
  • Find out if they were background-checked. Does the company you’re thinking of working with background-check their employees? You’ll be letting this person into your home, so you want to make sure they’re trustworthy.

Learn more about the electricians at ABC and schedule services today!

Why Choose ABC as Your Trusted Electrician in Chicago?





ABC is one of Chicagoland’s top electrical companies. Our technicians are committed to complete customer satisfaction — always going above and beyond to ensure you get the highest quality service and workmanship. When you want guaranteed electric work, ABC should be your first call.

Call ABC at 888-868-6667 today to schedule electrical services for your Chicagoland home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to call an electrician?

You need to call an electrician whenever you notice your home’s electricity fluctuating or your appliances are not working efficiently. It’s essential to have an electrician visit your home once a year to check your system to ensure everything is working

Can I DIY electrical repairs on my own?

We never recommend that homeowners DIY their electrical repairs. A licensed and experienced technician should complete any electrical service in your home to ensure your safety and code compliance. 

What size electrical service system do I install in my home?

Most states call for 100 amps minimum, but with all the new electronic devices, air conditioning, and electric heat, our electrical team would suggest 200 amps, especially in new homes.

How do I reset my breakers?

Turn the breaker completely off and then completely on. Some breakers will look like they are not tripped but could be in the neutral stage, which still does not allow them to function as if they were completely on. A way to help determine this is to turn every breaker completely off and then on.

What areas of my house should be GFCI protected?

GFCIs should be installed in all wet locations, including: Unfinished basements, garages, within 6 feet of any sink, kitchens, bathrooms, and powder rooms

What does the term short circuit mean?

Short circuiting is when a wire carrying an electrical current comes into contact with the grounded conductor wire and excessive heat is created.

What is a surge protector? Do I need one?

A surge protector is a piece of equipment that suppresses the excess voltage in your system to prevent it from causing harm to your appliances and devices. You should get surge protectors to protect your appliances and devices from power surges.

When you need a reputable electrician, call ABC at 888-868-6667 and hire the professionals!

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  • “Our AC was not working in the 90-degree summer heat. Josh identified that power was not going to the furnace blower. He identified that power was not going to the furnace breaker. His keen eye spotted that the wire leading into the breaker had frayed. He cut out the frayed…”

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