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Electrician in Mundelein, IL – Best Electrical Repair & Installation Services

ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric certified electricians have been providing Mundelein homeowners with complete electrical services including installation, upgrades and repairs.

Looking for an experienced electrician in Mundelein, IL? You’ve come to the right place, here’s why.

ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric certified electricians have been providing Mundelein homeowners with complete electrical services including installation, upgrades and repairs. No matter what type of electrical needs you may have it’s important to hire a qualified, experienced electrician.

When the job is finished the work area is thoroughly cleaned and the price we quoted is the price you pay. All work and your satisfaction are guaranteed 100%. We even follow up to make sure you’re satisfied with our work and our people.

Call ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric we arrive on time, treat you and your home with the respect and attention to safety you deserve.

Electrical Installation Services in Mundelein, IL

Electrical Fixture Installation Services in Mundelein, IL

Our licensed electricians in Mundelein carefully install all types of lighting fixtures including ceiling lights, pendant lights, recessed lighting, under cabinet lighting, outdoor lighting, and more.

We ensure correct wiring, ideal positioning, secure mounting, full functionality testing, and compliance with electrical codes and safety standards. With decades of experience, we properly set up any residential lighting fixtures to provide the right light for your spaces.

Electrical Outlet and Switch Installation Services in Mundelein, IL

We add new outlets and switches throughout your Mundelein home per your specific needs. This includes installing them at new locations, upgrading older outlets and switches, replacing worn or damaged ones, and providing protective devices.

Specific services include GFCI outlet installation, 220V outlet installation for larger appliances, adding dimmer and smart switches, replacing fuse boxes with circuit breakers, and rewiring your home for higher capacity and modern safety standards. We know all the Mundelein codes to ensure safe, future-proof installations.

Electric Car Charger Installation Services in Mundelein, IL

As EV charging specialists in Mundelein, we properly install the necessary electrical infrastructure to support electric vehicle chargers in your garage or driveway. This begins with a site visit and consultation to identify the optimal location considering charge cord length, pathway impediments, and electrical panel proximity.

We assess your existing electrical panel and wiring capacity to see if Mundelein upgrades are recommended first. Then we install a dedicated 240V outlet wired to handle the car charger’s voltage and amperage rating. The charger can be wall-mounted or pedestal type. We also obtain any Mundelein permits needed and schedule inspections to ensure local code compliance.

Fan Installation Services in Mundelein, IL

Enhance comfort and ventilation by adding new ceiling fans anywhere in your Mundelein home. Our technicians will first make sure the selected mounting location has adequate structural support and wiring access.

After securely installing the mounting bracket optimized for the ceiling height, we connect and mount the fan unit with integrated lighting fixtures if included.

Then we test run the fan to ensure all settings are working and blades are properly balanced with no wobbling. If adding a remote control, we’ll demonstrate functionally and range as well.

Light Fixture Installation Services in Mundelein, IL

From modern LED security lights to crystal chandeliers, our Mundelein electricians can install lighting fixtures of all kinds to put your interior and exterior spaces in the best light possible.

We pay close attention to details like aiming angles, proximity to flammable materials, wiring access, switch placement, fixture compatibility, and light intensity. Meticulous position and safety checks ensure optimal visibility and atmosphere for how you use the space.

Outdoor Lighting Installation Services in Mundelein, IL

Enhance security, ambiance and functionality of your Mundelein home’s exterior with artfully placed outdoor lighting. We install low-voltage fixtures to illuminate pathways, accent trees/plants, highlight architectural features and provide security around perimeter areas.

Outdoor lighting types we commonly install include security flood lights, downlights, post lights, spot lights, path lights, step lights and hanging pendant lights for covered patios and porches. All wiring is run underground whenever feasible for safety and aesthetic purposes.

As seasoned Mundelein professionals, we properly gauge wire sizing, transformer wattages, fixture wattages and spacing to create balanced, attractive lighting that minimizes energy use.

GFCI Outlet Installation Services in Mundelein, IL

For bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and outdoor areas prone to moisture, we replace standard Mundelein outlets with GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlets to prevent electrocution and shock risks.

GFCIs provide important protection by shutting off power flow when an electric current is detected outside normal pathways. We select appropriately rated GFCI models to match your Mundelein circuit amperages and voltages. Each one is tested after installation to verify proper functioning for protecting your family.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Installation Services in Mundelein, IL

Our proficiency extends to the installation of a wide range of lighting fixtures, encompassing both indoor and outdoor settings. We pride ourselves on crafting lighting solutions that are meticulously customized to suit the distinctive requirements of every living environment.

You can find comprehensive information about our extensive lighting services in the dedicated sections detailing our indoor and outdoor lighting installations throughout this document.

Whether it’s enhancing the ambiance indoors or illuminating outdoor spaces, we are committed to delivering lighting solutions that illuminate your surroundings with precision and style.

Whole House Surge Protection Equipment Installation Services in Mundelein, IL

Prevent fires, equipment damage and data loss by letting us install advanced whole house surge protection devices at your Mundelein home’s main electrical panel. They act like electrical fire walls by blocking massive voltage spikes from reaching your sensitive electronics and appliances.

We select surge protector equipment rated for the overall amperage capacities coming into your Mundelein home. Installation is neatly out of sight within your main breaker panel so you enjoy silent protection 24/7 against Mundelein electrical transients.

Generator Installation Services in Mundelein, IL

Ensure backup power whenever you need it by having us professionally install a home standby generator sized to your Mundelein electrical requirements.

Installations include the concrete pad meeting code requirements, electrical wiring from the generator to your home’s main distribution panel, integrating automatic power transfer switches, fuel line connections, and full functionality testing.

We only work with leading manufacturers of generators. Backup power capacities typically range from 8kW to 60kW for most Mundelein homes depending on need.

FAQ’s Related to Our Electrical Services in Mundelein, IL

What areas do you serve?

We serve Mundelein and surrounding areas across northern Illinois, including many Chicago suburbs. Our electricians handle residential electrical jobs of all sizes.

How much experience do your electricians have?

Our team has extensive experience handling complex electrical installations, upgrades, repairs, and more. We only hire licensed, trained, experienced electricians to ensure quality results.

Do you provide estimates?

Yes, we provide detailed estimates for any electrical project so you know exactly what to expect for pricing. Our quotes include a full breakdown of labor, materials, and any other associated costs.

What types of electrical services do you offer?

We handle all types of electrical jobs including lighting installation, electrical panel upgrades, backup generator installation, EV charger installation, remodeling wiring, troubleshooting electrical issues, and more. No job is too big or too small for our experienced team.

How long does it take to get project pricing?

We can usually provide accurate pricing details within 24 hours after visiting your home or business and reviewing the electrical project. We want you to make informed decisions.

Do you have references I can contact?

Absolutely. We have a long list of satisfied customers in Mundelein, IL and across northern Illinois that are happy to provide references upon request. Please reach out to review our ratings.

Are you insured?

Yes, for your protection and peace of mind, our electricians and business carry full liability insurance and workers compensation coverage. We are fully licensed and insured.

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