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When it comes to electrical services in Hillside, IL, folks turn to ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric. We're always on call with our 24/7 emergency response, and our trucks come packed with everything needed to tackle any electrical hiccup. Our carefully picked team of pros can quickly spot and fix issues, keeping your life running smoothly.

At ABC, we put safety and your satisfaction first. Our crew delivers top-notch, personalized service that fits your exact needs. Give us a ring today and see why we're the go-to for professional electrical work in Hillside.

Electrical Installation Services in Hillside, IL

Electrical Fixture Installation Services

Our licensed electricians in Hillside know their way around all types of lighting. From ceiling lights to outdoor fixtures, we make sure everything's wired right, placed perfectly, and mounted securely. We'll test it all to make sure it works like a charm and meets all the safety rules. With our years of know-how, we'll light up your Hillside home just the way you want it.

Electrical Outlet and Switch Installation Services

Need more power points in your Hillside home? We've got you covered. We can add new outlets and switches, upgrade old ones, swap out worn-out units, and install safety devices. We do it all - GFCI outlets, 220V outlets for your big appliances, fancy dimmer switches, and even whole-house rewiring to handle modern power needs. We know all the local rules to keep your home safe and future-ready.

Electric Car Charger Installation Services

As Hillside's EV charging pros, we'll set up everything you need to juice up your electric ride at home. We start with a visit to find the perfect spot, keeping in mind things like cord length and how close your electrical panel is. We'll check if your current setup can handle it or if you need an upgrade. Then we'll install a special 240V outlet just for your charger, whether you want it on the wall or standing free. We'll handle all the permits and checks to make sure everything's up to code in Hillside.

Fan Installation Services

Want to keep cool in Hillside? We can hang new ceiling fans wherever you need them. We'll make sure the spot can handle the weight, mount it securely, and hook up any lights that come with it. We'll give it a spin to check that all the settings work and the blades are balanced just right. If you're going for a fancy remote-controlled model, we'll show you how it all works.

Light Fixture Installation Services

From bright LED security lights to fancy chandeliers, our Hillside electricians can install any kind of light to make your space shine. We pay attention to all the little details - how the light aims, keeping it away from anything that could catch fire, where to put the switch, and making sure it's not too bright or too dim for the room. We'll position everything just right for the best look and safest setup.

Outdoor Lighting Installation Services

Want to make your Hillside home look great and feel safer at night? We can set up outdoor lights that do just that. We install low-voltage lights to brighten up paths, show off your trees and plants, highlight your home's best features, and keep the edges of your property secure. We can put in all sorts of lights - bright security floods, soft downlights, post lights, spotlights, path lights, step lights, and even hanging lights for your porch. We'll hide the wires underground when we can to keep things looking neat and safe.

GFCI Outlet Installation Services

For the wetter areas of your Hillside home like bathrooms and kitchens, we swap out regular outlets for GFCI ones. These special outlets cut the power if they sense something's not right, keeping you safe from shocks. We'll pick the right kind to match your home's power setup and test each one to make sure it's doing its job to protect your family.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Installation Services

In Hillside, we're experts at setting up lights both inside and outside your home. Inside, we can install everything from fancy chandeliers to hidden recessed lights, track lighting, smart systems you can control with your phone, and accent lights to show off your favorite spots. Outside, we do landscape lighting, security lights, deck and patio lighting, lights that show off your home's architecture, and special lighting for pool areas. It's all about making your home look great, feel safe, and work just the way you want it to.

Whole House Surge Protection Equipment Installation Services

Protect your Hillside home from power surges that can fry your electronics and start fires. We install top-notch whole-house surge protectors right at your main electrical panel. They work like a shield, stopping big voltage spikes from getting to your expensive gadgets and appliances. We'll pick the right size to match your home's power needs and tuck it neatly into your main breaker panel. You won't even notice it's there, but it'll be working 24/7 to keep your home safe.

Generator Installation Services

Never worry about power outages again in Hillside. We can set up a home backup generator that's just right for your needs. We do it all - pour the concrete pad it sits on, wire it up to your home's electrical panel, set up the switch that turns it on automatically, connect the fuel lines, and test everything to make sure it's working perfectly. We only use generators from the best makers, and we can set you up with anything from a small 8kW unit to a big 60kW powerhouse, depending on what your Hillside home needs.

Electrical Repair and Replacement Services in Hillside, IL

Electrical Fuse Changing Services

If fuses keep blowing in your Hillside home, there might be a bigger problem we need to look at. But for the odd blown fuse, our electricians can safely swap it out after turning off the power to that part of your house. Our trucks are loaded with all sorts of fuses, so we can get your power back on fast and minimize any disruption to your day.

Electrical Outlet and Switch Repair Services

Got a loose plug, a switch that's not clicking right, or seeing sparks from your outlets in Hillside? We can usually fix these issues right on the spot. We'll figure out what's wrong and try simple fixes like tightening loose wires, weather-proofing outdoor boxes, adjusting wobbly parts, or replacing broken covers. If we see that water's gotten in or things are overheating, we'll replace the whole outlet or switch to keep you safe.

Electrical Panel Repair Services

Is your Hillside home's electrical panel acting up? Maybe circuit breakers keep tripping, the voltage's all over the place, or parts are getting too hot. We might be able to fix it, depending on what type of panel it is and how bad the damage is. After a good look, we'll try repairs like swapping out rusty parts, fixing cracked insulation, cleaning out gunk, or rewiring connections. But if the panel's really beat up, it's safer to replace the whole thing than to patch it up and risk a fire.

Electrical Panel Replacement or Upgrading Services

Is your Hillside home's electrical panel old, too small, or running out of space for new circuits? We can swap it out for a new one that meets today's safety standards and can handle more power and more circuits. This way, you won't have to deal with tripped breakers, and you'll have room to add new gadgets and appliances. We'll rewire everything to connect to the new panel, and we'll do it quick to keep your home's power running with minimal fuss.

Electrical Wiring Repair Services

Bad wiring in Hillside homes can cause all sorts of trouble, from minor annoyances to major safety hazards if left alone. We can track down and fix wiring problems that are making appliances not turn on, causing circuits to trip, making wall plates hot, or creating weird electrical smells. We'll check your attic, crawl spaces, and walls to find the problem. Then we'll fix issues like damaged wire coating, short circuits, wrong connections, wires that are stressed or bent wrong, or old wiring that just can't handle modern electrical needs.

Light Fixture Repair Services

Got lights in your Hillside home that flicker, spark, have stopped working, or have sockets or wires that look worse for wear? Let our electricians take a look and see if we can fix them up. We can often repair fixtures by replacing bad sockets, cracked housings, loose wires, or worn-out insulation that's causing problems. If the fixture's too old or too damaged to fix, we can replace it with a new one that'll work better and last longer.

Generator Replacement Services

Tired of dealing with an old generator that needs constant fixing in Hillside? Let us replace it with a new, modern home backup generator that's sized just right to power your essential home systems. We'll handle everything - safely removing the old generator and fuel lines, pouring a new concrete pad that meets code, getting any permits needed in Hillside, and setting up all the wiring, fuel lines, exhaust, and controls for the new unit. It'll be ready to kick in automatically when the power goes out, so you don't have to worry.

Generator Repair Services

Keep your backup power ready to go in Hillside by having our techs fix common generator issues. We can handle problems like trouble starting, voltage that's not steady, sensors and controllers that aren't working right, fuel delivery problems, power output that's all over the place, or wiring issues. We also do tune-ups like changing spark plugs and filters, and testing how much power it can put out, to keep your generator running efficiently for longer. We even offer maintenance plans to help prevent problems before they start.

Electrical Inspections and Code Compliance Services

Electrical Inspection Services

We do thorough electrical inspections in Hillside using high-tech tools like thermal cameras, GFCI testers, and voltmeters. We can check your whole system without having to open up walls. After we've looked at all the important parts, we'll give you a detailed report that explains any problems we found and what we recommend fixing, along with estimates for the repair costs.

Electrical Code Corrections Services

When you're selling an older home in Hillside or finishing a basement or addition, the electrical system often needs some tweaks to meet the latest codes and pass inspections. We can help with common fixes like clearly labeling circuits in the breaker panel, adding more circuits to prevent overloads, putting covers on junction boxes, upgrading old two-prong outlets to safer GFCI ones, moving outlets away from water sources, and replacing old extension cords and power strips with proper outlets and lights.

Electrical Relocation and Upgrade Services

Electrical Outlet and Switch Relocation Services

As your Hillside home changes over time, you might find some outlets and switches are in awkward spots. We can move them to more convenient locations for you. We'll carefully cut new openings, extend the wiring from the old spot to the new one, install the outlet or switch securely, and patch up the old opening so it looks like it was never there. We do this with minimal disruption to your walls.

Electrical Panel Replacement or Upgrading Services

As Hillside homes grow and add more power-hungry appliances and gadgets, eventually the main electrical panel can't keep up. If you're dealing with tripped breakers often, it might be time to upgrade to a 200 amp panel or bigger. We can replace your old panel with a new one that can handle more power and has space for more circuit breakers. This way, you'll be ready for all your current electrical needs plus future additions like electric car chargers.

Specialized Electrical Services

Electrical Wiring Installation

Building a new addition to your Hillside home or completely redoing the electrical system in a major renovation? We can handle the whole electrical wiring installation process. We'll work closely with your contractors and designers to plan everything out, install all the new electrical boxes and conduit, run high-quality copper wiring that meets code, connect it all to your main panel, and do everything else needed to turn a bare space into a modern, fully powered room. Doing the electrical work right from the start prevents headaches down the road.

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Hillside, IL residents and businesses can count on ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric for all their electrical needs. From everyday maintenance to complex installations, our skilled, thoroughly vetted technicians have the know-how to handle any electrical job efficiently and carefully.

Get in touch with us today to experience our dedication to customer satisfaction and safety. Call is now to book an appointment, and let ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric's electrical experts deliver the high-quality service you deserve.

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