When Should I Have A Video Sewer Line Inspection

Posted June 4, 2015

In the past, sewer line problems were often difficult to diagnose. If there was an obstruction in the lateral line running from the house to the main sewer line, a sewer and drain specialist often had to dig a hole to locate the source of the problem and perform any needed repairs. Today, diagnosing sewer and drain problems is much easier with the help of video sewer line inspections. A technician runs a video cable down the home's branch lines that lead from from bathtubs, and other drains into the home's sewer line. Or the camera may be inserted directly down the home's sewer line.

When Should I Have a Video Sewer Line Inspection?

The best time to have a sewer line inspection is before problems arise. If your home is more than 10 years old, an inspection will find problems like tree root intrusion, cracks, and misaligned joints that could cause problems in the future. If you plan on remodeling or adding a new bathroom to your home a video inspection can help determine if your current sewer and drain lines will be able handle the additional wastewater that will flow through the system. When buying a new home, it's also a good idea to have a video camera inspection performed to check the condition of both the sewer and drain lines.

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