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Whatever plumbing installation, maintenance, repair, or upgrade you require, ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric can meet your needs.

Do you need to install a new bathroom fixture? Are you ready to repair that finicky sewer line once and for all? 

Whatever plumbing installation, maintenance, repair, or upgrade you require, ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric can meet your needs. 

We’re proud to offer our plumbing, HVAC, and electrical services in the Arlington Heights area and the surrounding communities in Chicago. Trust our plumbing services in Arlington Heights to help keep your pipes flowing smoothly with our honest, reliable services. 

We have over 70 years of experience serving customers from New Wilke Road to Schoenbeck Road and beyond.

Call ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric today at 888-903-4070 to schedule the plumbing services you need in Arlington Heights. Remember, no job is too large or too small for our team, and we’re available to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Arlington Heights Drain Cleaning in Arlington Heights IL

Our sewer and drain cleaning company can help you extend the life of your home plumbing systems and avoid many of the common causes of annoying clogs and slow-moving drains.

We start by using our sewer cameras for a complete camera inspection of your whole home’s drain systems to diagnose the issue and offer the ideal drain clearing and cleaning service. This ensures you get superior results and clear, free-flowing drains.

If you’re new to working with our local plumbers, be sure to ask if you qualify for our “$93 or Free” drain clearing guarantee!

Searching for “drain cleaning near me?” Stop searching and call ABC Plumbing to schedule service! You can reach out to us online, or call 888-903-4070 for superior plumbing drain cleaning service!

Reliable Plumbing Services in Arlington Heights IL

Our professional, highly trained plumbers are experts at clearing drains, but that’s not all we can do! From minor repairs to full-blown installations, we can handle every plumbing need you have. After more than six decades in the business, we’ve seen it all! Here are the plumbing repair services we offer in Arlington Heights, IL:

Leak Repair

Leaks from fixtures and pipes lead to damage. Our technicians diagnose causes – worn washers/gaskets, corrosion, loose fittings, cracks, freezing breaks.

We remedy issues by patching pipes, soldering joints, replacing components, coating pipes to prevent future problems, insulating against temperature changes, pressure testing, and excavations for larger lines. Trust us for rapid leak detection and appropriate repairs.

Leaky Faucet Repair

Got a pesky leaky faucet? Our expert plumbers can diagnose the issue and recommend the best solution, whether it’s installing an adapter plate, replacing worn washers or faulty valve seats, securing supply lines, tightening loose connections, or replacing the entire faucet.

We carry a wide range of replacement parts and utilize pex tubing and lock nuts for reliable repairs. We also check your water supply and valves to ensure adequate water flow and prevent future leaks.

Trust our Arlington Heights plumbers for quality faucet repairs to quickly stop annoying drips and restore full function. Call ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric for reliable leaky faucet diagnosis and repairs today!

Leaky Pipe Repair

From worn out washers and damaged valve seats to loose fittings and corroded or cracked pipes, we have the experience to diagnosis the source of leaky pipes and the access to effect repairs.

Prompt replacement of worn out washers or valve cartridges, tighter pipe connections, patching of minor pipe leaks, and replacement of severely damaged pipe sections, mean puddles and drips can become a thing of the past.

Toilet Repair

A faulty toilet can be frustrating and lead to leaks, increased water bills, and other inconveniences.

Our experienced plumbers address common toilet problems like flapper valve and fill valve issues, bowl and tank cracks, poor flushing performance, constant running, and loose connections.

We replace outdated parts and components and perform needed sealing and securing repairs to restore your toilet’s proper functioning.

Water Line Repair

Faulty water lines leading to leaks, low pressure, and pipe damage can create major plumbing headaches. Our plumbers address common water line issues like broken pipes, leaking joints, corrosion damage, freezing breaks, and loss of water flow or pressure.

We expertly patch pipe leaks, re-solder loose joints, replace worn galvanized piping, install heat tape to prevent freezing, or adjust your water pressure regulator as needed.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Clogged drains, pipe damage, or invasive tree roots compromising your sewer lines can create messy, costly issues.

Our trenchless repair techniques address common problems like blockages, cracks, fractures, root invasion, and pipe collapses without major digging or destruction to your property.

Services include high pressure hydro jetting to clear blockages, Root X treatments to remove root infestations, pipe bursting/relining to reinforce damaged pipes, and protective pipe coating to prevent future corrosion and cracks.

Plumbing Fixture Installation Services

Replacing outdated or malfunctioning sinks, toilets, tubs, showers, and other bathroom fixtures improves functionality and aesthetics.

Our team addresses common issues like leaks, cracks, stains, clogs, poor drainage, lack of hot water, and more by providing complete installation services for new, water efficient fixtures.

We handle difficult removals and expertly install a wide selection of fixtures to optimize water pressure, temperature, efficiency, and appeal.

Kitchen & Bathroom Plumbing Installation Services

Faulty kitchen and bathroom plumbing can lead to leaks, pressure loss, clogging, and more.

Our technicians are experts in complete plumbing overhauls and fixtures installations to enhance functionality.

We address worn pipes and supply lines, insufficient drainage, outdated fixtures not designed for modern usage needs, and lack of hot water.

Our suite of solutions includes re-piping, drain cleaning/replacement, undermount sink connection, tankless water heater installation, low-flow toilet swap, and more tailored to your specific issues.

Sink Installation

An improperly installed sink can lead to leaks, cracking, and other issues. Our technicians address problems like incorrect sink types for the space, improperly sized countertop holes, lacking support structures, unlevel installations, and damage from faulty removal or aging.

We provide solutions like custom sink fabrication services, hole size adjustments, additional bracing installations, sink base shimming, and replacement sink ordering/installation.

Faucet Installation

Faulty or incorrectly installed faucets can lead to leaks, lack of water flow, and other problems.

Our technicians address issues like incorrect faucet types, leaking supply lines, loose connections, damaged components, and no water supply.

We provide solutions including adapter plates for mismatched fixtures, PEX tubing replacements, reinforced lock nuts to secure lines, replacement parts for faulty interior cartridges and handles, and double check valve installations to ensure water availability.

Toilet Installation

Faulty or inefficient toilets can cause problems like leaks, clogs, poor flushing power, lacking comfort features, and water waste. Our technicians expertly replace outdated toilets to enhance performance and convenience.

We address issues of leakage, blockages, lack of efficiency, comfort, accessibility, and sustainability through installations of new high-performance models featuring strong flush capacity, water conservation, comfort height seating, ADA compliance accessories, tankless capabilities, and soft-close lids.

Bidet Installation

Standard toilets often lack comfort features many homeowners now desire. Our technicians expertly install bidet attachments and integrated bidet toilets to enhance convenience and accessibility.

We address issues like lack of personal cleansing functions, ineffective paper wiping, discomfort, and accessibility limitations.

Our product selection includes both high-tech electric bidets with heating, drying, massage options, or simple non-electric fixtures for instant bathroom upgrades suited to any budget.

Shower Installation

Outdated, moldy, or poorly functioning showers can dampen your bathing experience. Our technicians expertly install new shower systems to enhance enjoyment and reliability.

We can fix drainage problems, leakage, damage, appearance issues, accessibility needs, low pressure, and temperature control deficiencies by custom selecting Shower components perfectly sized for your space.

Trust us to remedy problems through installations featuring today’s popular frameless door designs, multiple adjustable body spray jets, contemporary flooring, and digital interfaces allowing customized control of every aspect from lighting to sound systems.

Bathtub Installation

Outdated, leaky, or cramped tubs can make bathing a chore. Our technicians expertly install new tubs to optimize your bathing experience.

We take care of drainage issues, leaks, size constraints, accessibility issues, comfort, and material defects by fully replacing your tub with superior models featuring sizes, shapes, depths and jet options tailored to you.

Trust us to eliminate problems through custom installations of spacious soaking tubs with therapeutic water jets, accessible walk-in tubs with door access and slip-resistant bottoms, or sleek corner units maximizing small spaces.

Dishwasher Installation

Outdated or malfunctioning dishwashers can lead to leaks, electrical issues, and cleaning headaches. Our technicians expertly install new, energy efficient dishwasher models to save money while enhancing performance.

We address problems like leaks, insufficient cleaning, electrical and water connection deficiencies, size constraints, noisy operation, and accessibility challenges.

Trust our expertise to eliminate frustrations through tailored installations featuring quieter stainless models perfectly fitted to your space with advanced cycles, adjustable racks, tablet controls, and high efficiency drying systems, for sparkling dishes with no hassles.

Garbage Disposal Installation

Faulty or missing garbage disposals lead to inconvenient clogs and kitchen jams. Our technicians expertly install new, energy efficient disposal models for smooth food waste handling.

We fix problems like drain clogs, foul odors, corrosion, noisy operation, size constraints, and accessibility challenges. Trust our expertise to eliminate frustrations through tailored installations featuring quieter stainless disposals perfectly fitted under your sink with advanced grinding motors, anti-jamming technology, rust-proof components, batch feed buttons, and environmentally safe biodegradable waste handling for ultimate convenience.

Sump Pump Installation, Repair and Maintenance Services in Arlington Heights, IL

Sump Pump Installation

A properly functioning sump pump is crucial to prevent water damage. Over time, sump pumps can fail due to age, power outages, debris buildup, or improper installation.

We have over decades of experience installing quality, reliable sump pumps correctly customized for each uniquely challenging situation. Our expert plumbers address foundation seepage issues, high water tables, and overly saturated soil that overwhelm inferior systems. We replace old pumps and upgrade outdated or underperforming equipment to keep your basement dry all year long.

Sump Pump Repair

As experienced plumbers serving Arlington Heights, we understand the causes and solutions for sump pump leaks and failures. Often issues arise from a worn out impeller, clogged inlet screen, stuck float, or a broken pipe connection.

We troubleshoot to locate the exact problem, then make professional repairs or install a new sump pump system if needed. Our priority is a correctly working system to prevent future water accumulation and flooding in your basement.

Water Heater Installation, Replacement, and Repair Services in Arlington Heights, IL

Regular sump pump maintenance is key to basement water control. Debris buildup, loose connections, and worn components impair pump performance over time. Our certified plumbers inspect components for clogs, leaks and mechanical troubles.

We address issues like improperly set overflow pipes that cause back flooding, defective seals that allow tank leaks, and insufficent ventilation that hampers pump efficiency. Replacing deteriorated pipes, valves and fittings restores full pumping power to keep your basement high and dry.

Water Heater Installation

Reliable hot water is essential for daily use but old water heaters decline over time. Our NAHB award-winning plumbers safely replace outdated units with powerful new models. We expertly connect gas lines, electrical wiring, and venting flues per code.

Careful installations correct past problems like faulty thermostats that risk unsafe heating, venting issues causing carbon monoxide, and improperly fitted overflow valves leading to flooding. You can trust us to complete each step with precision guaranteed to satisfy for years to come.

Water Heater Replacement

Reliable hot water is essential, but old water heaters often malfunction. Defects such as leaking tanks, thermocouples not igniting pilots and corroded interiors waste money and risk safety.

Our EPA certified plumbers replace outdated units with powerful, eco-friendly models. Installations address issues like flooding from improper venting and energy bills inflated by drain-clogged tanks. Customers now have water heaters functioning efficiently, within regulations, and ready to serve homes dependably for years to come.

Water Heater Repair

Water heater troubles can stop hot water’s flow. Our plumbers reliably diagnose with expertise, identifying issues like thermostat failure, gas leaks and drainage problems before risks form.

Holding factory certification and stocking genuine parts, repairs are fast and correct. Regulations on venting, gas and drainage are followed to wisely reinstate hot water’s availability.

Customers value seasoned pros restoring normal use safely and cost-effectively through experience-backed troubleshooting and repairs.

Gas Line Plumbing Services

At ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric, we are your experts for any gas line issues. Our licensed plumbers provide top-quality gas line repair, replacement, new installation, and ongoing maintenance. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure your gas lines are safe, functional, and efficient. Call Acme today for reliable gas line plumbing services you can trust.

Gas Line Repair

Gas line leaks can occur for a variety of reasons, from material failure in aging pipes to accidental damage during construction or digging projects. Our licensed, bonded, and insured technicians have the experience to identify the source of any gas leak and make the necessary repairs to restore the integrity of your gas lines.

We use industry-leading equipment to detect leaks and can replace corroded pipes, fittings, and valves. Allow our experts to perform a thorough inspection and determine the best solution to stop leaks and ensure the continued safe operation of your gas lines.

Gas Line Replacement

Over time, gas lines may corrode or use outdated and improper piping, leading to dangerous leaks. Our technicians can replace your old gas lines with new pex or copper pipes correctly sized for your home and gas appliance needs.

We’ll install proper fittings to eliminate leaks from old connections. And if your gas appliances are outdated or inefficient, we can recommend new models sized for your updated gas lines, ensuring all your appliances work safely and efficiently. With our gas line replacement service, you can trust your home’s piping will be free of leaks and built to modern standards.

Gas Line Installation

Installing new gas lines requires proper load calculations to determine correct pipe sizing, use of proper materials like black iron pipes, and adherence to building codes. Without this expertise, you risk improperly sized pipes, hazardous code violations, and dangerous gas leaks.

Our licensed plumbers have the training to properly size your new gas lines based on your appliance needs. We obtain required permits, use code-approved pipes and fittings, and perform pressure tests to check for leaks. With our gas line installation service, you can have peace of mind knowing your new gas system is safe, leak-free, and built to the highest standards.

Contact our plumbers in Arlington Heights to request a quote for the plumbing services you need.

Arlington Heights Sewer Line Inspection & Repair

Did you know your broken sewer line can be repaired without digging up your entire lawn?

With our advanced video camera line inspection and trenchless sewer line repair, we can pinpoint the cause of the damage and often fix the damaged pipe without digging.

All you have to do is call ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric right now to schedule an appointment. Remember, we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services to residents of Arlington Heights, IL, and the surrounding areas.

When you need water heater replacement “near me,” or water heater troubleshooting just contact our plumbers online!

24-Hour Emergency Plumbing Repair in Arlington Heights IL

After a lovely day at Harmony Park or Arlington Heights Historical Museum, the last thing you want is to discover that your water heater has sprung a leak, and now your basement resembles Lake Arlington. An overflowing toilet, stopped-up sink, or broken water line at 2:00 am is equally distressing.

When you experience these or other types of plumbing emergencies, turn to ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric for the swift response and quality repair work you depend on.

We’re here for you day or night, weekend or holiday, to help restore your pipes to normal functionality.

Do you have a plumbing emergency? If so, don’t hesitate to call us at 888-903-4070 right away! Our plumbers are on call to respond to your request at a moment’s notice.

Top-Notch Arlington Heights Plumbers

ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling, and Electric serves Northeastern IL from our headquarters here in Arlington Heights. Since this village is the home base for our business (and has been for the past 70+ years), it’s no surprise that we love Arlington Heights!

Our company’s longevity has allowed us to work for generations of local homeowners. We’re proud to continue enhancing your home comfort with skilled contractor services designed to keep your household infrastructure up and running.

Why Choose ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric as Your Arlington Heights Plumber?

We know you have several plumbers to choose from in the Arlington Heights area. However, we’re confident you’ll be pleased if you select ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric for the job. Our rock-solid promises ensure your complete satisfaction:

  • We offer convenient scheduling: We recognize how inconvenient a clogged toilet or burst pipes can be. Our goal is to meet your needs by working around your busy schedule. This ensures you receive our plumbing services at a time that works best for you.
  • We only hire experienced, background-checked plumbers: Our hiring process is so selective that just 10% of applicants qualify. After joining our team, technicians are required to remain drug-free and keep up with their certifications.
  • We maintain a No Surprises Pricing policy: No one wants to see extra fees on their plumbing service bill at the end of the day. Rest assured that with ABC, the price we quote is the price you pay!
  • We guarantee your 100% satisfaction: With promises such as our customer service guarantee, labor warranty, and lifetime materials warranty you can get started with complete confidence in us.

Choose ABC Plumbing for Plumbing Services in Arlington Heights

Whether you’re dealing with a small problem like a leaky faucet or have a larger issue like a burst pipe, we’ll get your plumbing systems back in working order in no time.

With more than 70 years of experience handling Arlington Height’s plumbing problems, our team at ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric has the experience and know-how to get any plumbing issue diagnosed and resolved quickly and efficiently.

If you need a reliable plumbing company in the Arlington Heights IL area, look no further than ABC. Contact us online or give us a call at 888-903-4070 to schedule an appointment with our Arlington Heights plumbers.

Arlington Heights Related Plumbing Questions

What services does ABC Plumbing offer for commercial establishments in Arlington Heights IL?

ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric provides a comprehensive range of plumbing services, including installation, maintenance, repair, and upgrades suitable for both residential and commercial establishments.

What should I do if I suspect my pipes have frozen during the winter months?

If you suspect frozen pipes, it’s crucial to act quickly to prevent them from bursting. Contact ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric immediately for professional assistance.

How does ABC Plumbing ensure clear and free-flowing drains?

ABC Plumbing uses sewer cameras for a complete camera inspection of your home’s drain systems to diagnose issues. We offer drain clearing and cleaning services to ensure optimal results.

How does ABC Plumbing handle sewer line inspections and repairs in Arlington Heights IL?

ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric employs advanced video camera line inspections and trenchless sewer line repair techniques. This allows us to pinpoint the cause of damage and often repair the damaged pipe without extensive digging.

What types of water heater services does ABC Plumbing provide in Arlington Heights IL?

ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric offers a full range of services for gas, electric, and hybrid water heaters to residents of Arlington Heights. We cater to both conventional and tankless systems, ensuring that your water heating needs are met efficiently.

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