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Video Camera Sewer & Drain Inspections in Chicago, Illinois

Do you have sewer line problems? Do you want peace of mind when buying an older home? With video camera inspections, diagnosing a problem with the sewer system is simple and doesn’t involve invasive digging or cutting. ABC Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric offers this service to Chicagoland residents as an unobtrusive way to find out exactly what’s going on in the sewer line.

To schedule video camera sewer and drain inspections in Chicagoland, please call ABC at (888) 868-6667 today.

Why Inspect Your Sewer & Drain Lines?

Usually, your sewer system flows smoothly and gives you no trouble at all. However, if you encounter unexplained plumbing problems, you may want to hire a professional to take a look. Here are the top reasons our Chicago customers call us to inspect their sewer and drain lines:

  • Retrieve a lost item: Did your wedding ring wash down the sink or shower drain? Perhaps your child flushed your grandmother’s pearl earrings down the toilet. With a video camera inspection, ABC can help you retrieve your sentimental or valuable item from the sewer line with ease.
  • Older home inspection: To ensure you don’t inherit plumbing problems from the previous owner, schedule a sewer line video camera inspection before buying a home, especially if it was built over a decade ago.
  • Septic system inspection: What’s the current status of your septic system? Find out with a video camera inspection. Then, you’ll know when it’s time to perform necessary repairs or maintenance.
  • Inspection before remodeling: If you’re adding onto your bathroom or kitchen, an inspection ensures the plumbing system can withstand potential increases in waste and flow.

How Do Video Camera Inspections Work?

Utilizing advanced camera equipment, an ABC plumber can inspect every inch of your plumbing system to identify existing problems and prevent future issues. It’s as simple as running a waterproof video camera and cable down a bathtub, sink, or floor drain and into the sewer line.

Video camera inspections are a diagnostic service that may reveal problems such as tree root intrusion, cracked or misaligned joints, collapsed pipes, and more. If your ABC plumber discovers these problems, we can then move forward with trenchless sewer line repair or other fixes as necessary.

Benefits of Video Camera Sewer and Drain Inspections

Take advantage of the latest plumbing innovations to pinpoint problems without guesswork or invasive diagnostic techniques. Here’s how video camera sewer and drain inspections benefit you:

  • Accurate: In the days before video cameras, plumbers would recommend a solution and wait to see if it worked. If not, customers could be forced to pursue potentially costly repairs without a confident diagnosis. Camera footage from inside the pipe eliminates this guesswork for an accurate repair.
  • Fast: When you can see exactly what’s going on in your plumbing, it’s easy to take quick, decisive action to restore the flow of your sewer line.
  • Affordable: A video camera plumbing inspection is an affordable diagnostic tool that allows you to pursue the correct fix the first time around. This saves you money on immediate repairs as well as long-term costs associated with ignored sewer leaks.
  • Non-invasive: There’s no need to dig up your yard, cut through walls, or take apart fixtures. With a video camera, you can be confident about the diagnosis without destroying your property in the process.

Choose ABC’s Plumbers for Video Camera Sewer & Drain Inspections throughout Chicago, Illinois

There are several reasons you may need a sewer and drain line inspection. If your home is older than 10 years old, you’re buying an older home, or you have noticed problems with the sewer line. Diagnosing sewer line problems is simple and doesn’t have to involve digging up the yard.

With a video camera inspection your technician will run a video cable down the sewer main and/or the home’s branch lines that lead from from bathtubs, and other drains into the home’s sewer line. If the inspection finds problems like tree root intrusion, cracks and misaligned joints or other damage that could cause problems, ABC can offer effective solutions for repairing the damage, such as trenchless sewer line repair.

Before you experience sewer and drain problems, call ABC at (888) 868-6667 to schedule a sewer and drain line inspection today.

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