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Programmable Thermostat Installation in Chicago, IL

Upgrade your thermostat to a smart, wi-fi controlled thermostat today! ABC offers programmable thermostats and thermostat installation in Chicago and the surrounding areas

A Smart Thermostat Can Save You Hundreds of Dollars

Energy bills are a large part of the budget in a typical Chicago household. Many Chicagoans spend over $2,000 annually on heating or cooling their homes.

A programmable thermostat can lower the cost of keeping your home comfortable. ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric with their heating service can help you save around $200 a year by installing an electric programmable thermostat to help you efficiently and accurately regulate your home’s temperature.

Start spending less money on energy bills for your Chicago home. Schedule a programmable thermostat installation with ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric online today, or call us at 888-903-4070!

Save Money With a Programmable Thermostat in Your Chicago Home

Programmable thermostats work by scheduling different temperatures for different times a day. These schedules are called setback periods. Typically, thermostats allow for four different setback periods each day. This way, you can program your thermostat to have different temperatures in the morning, during the day, and at night.

Setting the temperature higher during the summer or lower during the winter when you’re not home prevents you from paying to cool or heat an empty house. You save energy and money. Unlike traditional, manual thermostats, programmable thermostats can get your house back to a comfortable temperature before you get home.

With a programmable thermostat, you enjoy the best energy savings possible without sacrificing comfort.

Keep your Chicago home comfortable and efficient all year long. Contact us to schedule your programmable thermostat installation with ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric or call us at 888-903-4070.

Is a Wi-Fi Thermostat Right for You?

To upgrade your Chicago home’s thermostat system, you should consider a Wi-Fi thermostat. With their advanced technology, a Wi-Fi thermostat is important in upgrading your Chicago house to a smart home.

With a Wi-Fi thermostat, you can adjust your home’s temperature with any smartphone or computer. This means you can:

  • Leave work early and still have a comfortable home when you get there
  • Remotely monitor the thermostat to ensure the settings are correct
  • Adjust the thermostat from any room in your house

Let our expert professionals at ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric help you learn how using a programmable thermostat will best serve your Chicago home. Reach out to us online for an appointment today.

Tips for Using Programmable Thermostats

To get the most out of your investment in a programmable thermostat for your Chicago home, you need to know the best practices for using it. Understanding these tips and tricks will help you get the most comfort and energy savings from your programmable thermostat or Wi-Fi thermostat.

  • Keep the current season in mind: When you are home, set your thermostat to 78 degrees in the summer and 68 degrees in the winter.
  • Make your setbacks large: Set the temperature as high as 88 degrees in the summer and as low as 58 degrees in the winter while you’re out of the house. This allows for maximum energy savings.
  • Make your setbacks long: Try to make each setback period at least eight hours long. This gives your system enough time to stay in the energy-savings zone.
  • Use the override sparingly: All programmable thermostats have a temporary override setting. Try to use this setting as little as possible. Instead of immediately adjusting the temperature in your Chicago home, try adding or removing a layer of clothing to get comfortable first. If you use the override, try changing it by just one or two degrees to start.
  • Take a vacation: Use the “permanent/vacation” hold when leaving town. This setting overrides all pre-programmed settings until you tell the thermostat to resume them.
  • Use a zoning system: A zoning system allows for different temperatures in different parts of your Chicago home, with varying ductwork dampers and thermostats. By having the rooms you use the most be the most comfortable, you can increase your energy and cost savings.

Choose ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric for Exceptional Programmable Thermostat Service

Get the benefits of a programmable thermostat in your Chicago home. Our team of expert HVAC contractors will help you choose the best option for your home. They will also install and maintain the thermostat, so you maximize your benefits.

When you choose ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric, you’re choosing the professionals who care. We offer convenient scheduling, project pricing, and a satisfaction guarantee.

Let us put your comfort first. Contact ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric online to schedule your programmable thermostat installation today, or contact us at 888-903-4070!

Programmable Thermostat FAQs for Chicago Homeowners

Choosing a programmable thermostat can help you save money on heating and cooling your Chicago home. If you’re considering making the upgrade, but have some questions, here are our frequently asked questions about programmable thermostats.

Are Smart Thermostats Worth the Cost of Installation?

Yes! Typically, the money you save on energy expenses in just one heating and cooling season can pay for the cost of the smart thermostat. Most homeowners recoup the cost in about two years.

Which Smart Thermostat Is the Best?

Our team recommends the Ecobee 3 Wi-Fi smart thermostat for best compatibility and user-friendliness. We also recommend the Lux Geo or Emerson Sensi as budget-friendly options. Each model has its own features and price.

If you have other questions about programmable thermostats, contact our ABC experts at 888-903-4070 to talk with someone today.

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