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  • Is Your Air Conditioner Making Noise? Here's Why and What it Means

    Modern air conditioning systems are designed to operate quietly, emitting 55 decibels or less. Unusual noises like banging, screeching, or buzzing may indicate issues such as loose or broken parts, worn-out fan motor bearings, or debris accumulation.
  • The Smarter Way to Spring Clean

    Prepare your house for warmer weather with these three tasks that also benefit your air conditioning system: pruning trees and shrubs, raking beds and borders to clear dead foliage, and brushing off paths and patios to ensure they're ready for entertaining.
  • How to Save BIG with Aeroseal Duct Sealing

    The blog discusses the importance of duct sealing in optimizing the efficiency of HVAC systems, highlighting Aeroseal as a solution to address leaks in ductwork.
  • Carrier Cor Thermostat Benefits

    Upgrade your home comfort and savings with Cor, Carrier's smart thermostat. Control your home's temperature from anywhere via smartphone, laptop, or tablet with the personal web portal. Receive customized energy-saving tips tailored to your home's needs, and enjoy intuitive features like a full-color touch screen and detailed energy reports.
  • When to Upgrade House Electrical System

    When remodeling your home, consider upgrading your electrical system to meet current and future needs. Evaluate if your electrical service is adequate, and consider upgrading to 200-amp service if necessary. Install heavier 12-AWG copper wire for better energy efficiency, especially if adding major appliances or fixtures. Different rooms may require additional circuits, outlets, and safety features like GFCIs, so plan accordingly to ensure safety and functionality.
  • Why Is My Furnace Clicking?

    This blog post discusses clicking noises emitted by furnaces, highlighting potential causes such as ignition system malfunctions, worn-out bearings in the motor, and issues with the gas valve. It emphasizes the importance of addressing these issues promptly to prevent further damage to the furnace and ensure efficient heating. Additionally, it mentions the necessity of involving gas companies to inspect and potentially replace faulty gas valves for safety reasons.
  • Should You Close Vents in Unused Rooms

    Closing air vents in unused rooms can actually waste energy and harm your HVAC system's performance. HVAC systems are designed to provide balanced airflow throughout the entire home, so closing vents disrupts this balance and can lead to increased pressure in the ductwork. This can cause the blower fan to work harder, risking damage to components like the AC evaporator coil or furnace heat exchanger.
  • Honeywell Prestige IAQ vs Lyric T6 Pro Thermostat Comparison

    ABC Plumbing offers a variety of Honeywell thermostats, including the Prestige IAQ and Lyric T6 Pro models, each with unique features such as seven-day programming, smartphone connectivity, and geofencing. These thermostats aim to provide convenience and comfort by allowing users to control their home's temperature remotely and adjust settings based on their schedule or behavior.
  • Water Heater Maintenance Tips

    The blog post highlights the importance of winter maintenance for water heaters in the Chicagoland area. It recommends flushing the water heater annually to remove sediment buildup and testing the temperature-pressure release valve to ensure proper functionality.
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