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Whole-House Dehumidifier Installation in Tampa, FL

Sick of dealing with a humid home during the sticky summer months in Tampa, FL? A whole-house humidifier is the perfect solution. Call us now for whole house dehumidifier installation!

With the humidity levels in Tampa routinely going well over 80% or higher, a simple single-room dehumidifier just isn’t going to cut it! You need a better solution — something that works in tandem with your home HVAC equipment and operates efficiently, effectively, and reliably enough to keep your home cool and comfortable. In other words, you need to reach out to ABC Plumbing, Air & Heat to discuss whole-home dehumidifier installation!

As one of the best HVAC companies in the Tampa and Clearwater areas, ABC is your ideal source for home air quality and comfort solutions. Our contractors are dedicated to ensuring you get the quality products you deserve. Backed by our worry-free guarantee and by-the-job pricing, you get everything you need when you work with our team.

Seeking home dehumidifier installation or service in Tampa? Contact ABC online or call (813) 452-5952 to schedule a consultation today!

Whole-Home Dehumidifier Installation

A whole-home dehumidifier works directly with your existing HVAC system and ductwork. From within your system, the dehumidifier gains access to all of the air in your home, allowing it to draw excess moisture from your air that results in a cooler, more comfortable home.

Our experts have extensive experience with the selection and installation of residential dehumidifier units, and that experience makes us the ideal choice when it comes to getting not only the right service but the right products, too. We will work with you to determine the right choice for your home needs, and then our installation team will go to work installing your new dehumidifier with precise care.

Dehumidifier Repair in Tampa

Is your home equipped with a dehumidifier but you still feel sticky, damp, or uncomfortable? If so, you’re in need of a dehumidifier repair specialist. ABC has you covered, and our dehumidifier specialists are capable of repairing and servicing all brands and whole-home dehumidifier models.

No more looking for a humidifier repair expert — just contact ABC to get the quality, cost-effective services you need.

Benefits of Whole-House Dehumidifiers

Wondering why a whole-house dehumidifier is the right call for your Tampa home? We’re glad you asked. These dehumidifier units designed to accommodate an entire home offer tons of advantages, including:

  • Added comfort: By reducing the relative humidity in your home, you optimize the effectiveness of your home cooling system, making your space substantially more comfortable.
  • Cost efficiency: Not only will you be more comfortable, but by taking some workload off of your HVAC system, you can actually boost cooling energy efficiency, helping to save money as well.
  • Better quality home air: Dehumidifiers also add a degree of air filtration as well as a strong level of control for dust mite populations and the mold spore content in your home air.
  • A quiet dehumidifier operation: If you’ve ever been around a portable dehumidifier, you know that those units can be extremely noisy. This isn’t the case at all with a whole-home unit. Most are whisper-quiet!

Air Dehumidifier Services in Tampa & Clearwater

If you’re looking for an air quality service team that offers leading products and customized services, ABC is glad to be the answer you’ve been searching for. We place our full focus on your needs, and whether you’re looking to install a dehumidifier or to replace an old one, we’re the friendly, reliable professionals that can do the job right!

Contact ABC Plumbing, Air & Heat online or call (813) 452-5952 to learn more about dehumidifier installation in Florida!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do dehumidifiers work?

Most dehumidifiers work by drawing air from your home and sending it over a cooled coil. This fast cooling causes water vapor in the air to condense. It then flows into the collection bucket or out of the home through a drain pipe.

What is relative humidity?

Relative humidity is a ratio that compares the amount of water in the air to what it could hold if it were completely saturated. So, a relative humidity of 100% would be air that is at its dew point and is completely full. Warm air can hold more water than cool air, which is why the measure is in a ratio. This is also why cooling the air in your home can cause it to reach higher relative humidity levels without a change in the amount of water in the air.

How much water will my dehumidifier remove?

The answer to that depends on three things. First, the power of the unit will determine how effective it is. Second, the temperature of the room will affect how much water is removed. Third, the overall humidity of the space, measured in relative humidity. You should plan to empty the bucket at least once a day until you get a feel for how quickly your dehumidifier gets full.

How big of a dehumidifier do I need?

Choosing a properly sized dehumidifier is important, but it’s not easy. The size of the room and its average relative humidity must both be considered. The team at ABC can help you assess your space and its needs. We always recommend purchasing a dehumidifier one size larger than you think you need if you’re unsure about your potential demand.

Do I need a dehumidifier all year long?

In Tampa, the answer is probably yes. Since we have warm, humid air nearly year-round, you’re going to need your dehumidifier year-round. Our team can help you determine the signs that you need to run it, so you can use your dehumidifier wisely.

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