6 Common Signs of Plumbing Problems

Posted April 2, 2012

Identifying Plumbing Problems Before They Become Major Problems

By identifying small plumbing problems before they become larger, you can often prevent expensive repairs. Here are some common symptoms of plumbing problems that can cause significant damage if they goes undetected. Water Leaks - An unnoticed water leak or drip can cause hidden mold and rot problems. Enclosed spaces like crawl spaces should be inspected for water spots or mold, which can indicate a leak. Screeching Faucets - This could indicate that the air "bleed-off" system is not working right. Low Water Pressure - This can be caused by a clogged, leaking, or pipe that is too narrow for a particular application. Rattling Pipes - This can indicate air is trapped in the pipes. Backed Up Toilet - This may indicate a damaged or clogged sewer line. Water Heater Rust - If you see brown water coming out of your faucets, your water heater may need replacing.

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