Holiday Electrical Statistics

Posted November 27, 2017

As the holiday season fast approaches, you may be feeling concerned about any number of things. Don't let the safety and security of your family be one of them! This season, make sure you know the most important holiday statistics so you know what to watch out for... and what to do to prevent any fire or electrical hazards in your home. The holidays can be a time for joy and comfort, but if you're not careful, tragedy can strike in an instant. Let ABC help with the upcoming whirlwind of seasonal chaos with this list of holiday electrical statistics! Need some electrical repairs this holiday season, or looking to add surge protection to your home? Contact ABC online to get started, or call 888-868-6667 to get in touch with our certified Illinois electricians.

Important Electrical Statistics for the Holiday Season

Your biggest risks will typically come from excessive plug use, too much reliance on extension cords, and if you keep one in your home, the Christmas tree. Keep these stats in mind when you plan out your lights and decorations this season:

  • Between 2010-2014, U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 210 home fires that started with Christmas trees every year. The biggest risk with a Christmas tree comes from using too many lights (especially if they're old incandescent lights) and from the tree getting too dry. Be sure to water your tree very routinely, keeping the basin topped off as much as possible.
  • Together, fires beginning with holiday lighting or Christmas trees resulted in roughly 13 civilian deaths, 34 injuries, and over $26.3 million in property damage per year. This information, gathered by the NFPA, tells us that lighting is also very important. You want to ensure your lights are attached to a dedicated outlet when possible and avoid creating strings of lights in excess of two strands whenever possible. You can also swap to LED lights for both cost-saving and safety benefits.
  • Decorations in nearly half of the appliance and decoration fires reported were too close to a heat source, such as a candle or equipment. Candles are a staple of the season, but you really should avoid them when possible; if you must use candles, don't allow them to burn in unattended rooms, and never place them within a few feet of other decorations and home furniture.
  • About 3,300 residential fires (sourced from CPSC) originate with extension cords each year, killing 50 people and injuring about 270 others. This stat takes non-holiday time periods into account, but it highlights the importance of not relying on extension cords too much. Extension cords are not intended to be used for extended periods! They're temporary-use items. Surge protectors or adding new outlets are both safer and more permanent options.

Electrical Services & Safety with ABC in Chicago

The holiday season is for fun and family, and we want to help you keep it that way by avoiding the common pitfalls and dangers of electrical shock and fires. Whether you're looking for a complete home electrical inspection, electrical installations, or code correction services, you can trust our specialists to bring you the superior service and reliable care you deserve. 

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