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Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation Services in Tampa, FL

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Garbage disposals make it easy to get rid of food waste quickly and efficiently. Our professional team can help you select the best unit for your needs in Tampa or Tampa Bay. We offer several top-quality brands and adhere to strict quality standards to ensure that the finished work is exactly what you desire.

Garbage Disposal Installation

We carefully select the brands we offer for their quality and durability. The garbage disposals we offer feature durable components, including corrosion-resistant brass fittings, tapered roller bearings, and other features that ensure reliable operation. Our units feature grind chambers and shredders built to last. We only offer products that have a proven performance record and an operational life span that often lasts longer than our clients live in their homes.

Contact ABC Plumbing, Air & Heating at 813-452-5952 for more information about the brands we carry and the features we recommend when considering a garbage disposal.

Garbage Disposal Repair & Maintenance in Tampa

Garbage disposals are designed to be tough, but they are not indestructible. Over time, food and other debris can clog the system, jam it up, and stop it from functioning. When your garbage disposal stops working, our team of certified technicians is available to fix the problem. Whether the disposal is clogged with grease or components that have come loose, our team will quickly identify the problem and perform the necessary repairs. We also offer several service plans that make it easy to stay on top of garbage disposal maintenance. These service plans help extend the life of your unit and ensure that problems don’t creep up to surprise you.

Contact ABC Plumbing, Air & Heating at 813-452-5952 to get answers to your questions and schedule a service call to correct the problem as quickly as possible.

How To Avoid Garbage Disposal Problems

When we install the garbage disposal in your home, our technicians will go over the unit’s operation and maintenance requirements with you. Among the things we will discuss are steps you can take to protect your unit from damage. These include putting grease or oil, coffee grounds, and fibrous or starchy foods in the trash rather than the disposal.

Contact ABC Plumbing, Air & Heating at 813-452-5952 to learn more about the capabilities and limits of modern garbage disposal systems.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips

  • Run the cold water when using the disposal and for about 10 to 15 seconds after.
  • Grind ice to clean the disposal drain. Be sure to place the stopper in, before crushing the ice, so the ice chips won’t fly out.
  • Help prevent fat buildup and avoid a slow, smelly drain with regular use of a garbage disposal cleaner product or degreasing chemical.
  • Grind citrus fruit peelings regularly to maintain a fresh scent from the disposal drain and help disrupt bacteria growth.
  • Let us snake the drain every year or two to maintain the unit and help avoid disposal clogs.

For expert preventive maintenance of your garbage disposal and your entire plumbing system, you can count on us. Contact us online.

Garbage Disposal FAQs

Common questions we receive about garbage disposals include:

What size garbage disposal do I need?

Determine the size (horsepower) you’ll need by considering the number of family members regularly eating with you, how much you use the disposal, and the type/amount of food you regularly cook and discard. No matter how large or small your disposal is, don’t overload it with too much food at once. Run food through gradually to avoid clogging, blocking, or breaking the unit.

What should I never put down a garbage disposal?

Chicken bones, oil or grease, fat, spaghetti or pasta, and fibrous veggies like celery should stay out of the disposal. Also, avoid dropping in sponges, plastic or wire bread ties, rings, necklaces, or anything non-edible. If something gets stuck, don’t risk cutting your fingers or hand — call in one of our expert plumbers for garbage disposal declogging and repairs!

Why does my disposal smell bad?

With bits of food breaking down and hanging around in the drain and pipes, the disposal requires regular cleaning, as described in the maintenance section below. Avoid using chemical cleaners for the garbage disposal drain since they can burn your skin or eyes, as well as harming the environment and your plumbing pipes.

Should I run water when using the garbage disposal?

Yes — and choose cold water because hot could cause any grease to harden in the disposal drain and plumbing pipes. The water will help the food get ground up more quickly and easily.

Schedule Garbage Disposal Service in Tampa, FL

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