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AC Repair & AC Replacement Services in Citrus Park, FL

Citrus Park has more than its share of scorching heat waves when temperatures climb above 107 degrees. Air conditioning is a medical necessity in this region, particularly for those with heat-sensitive health conditions. Modern air conditioners can alleviate severe humidity levels, improving real-feel temperatures with more energy efficiency than ever before. ABC Plumbing, Air, and Heat will assist you with all your AC needs, including repairs, routine tune-ups, or installing a new system.

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AC Installation & Replacement in Citrus Park, FL

When your system has finally lived its full-service life, you can count on our comprehensive range of exceptional brands. We’ll help you select the suitable model for your square footage and pocket. A quality installation assures you of a long, productive experience.

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Common Issues With Air Conditioners

Air conditioners experience problems if they’re kept in closed-off rooms with reduced airflow. Faulty installations account for some of the most common AC problems. Air conditioners often trip on sweltering days when the high-pressure limit is reached. Reset your system by pushing the access panel’s reset button. Leaky ducts, reduced airflow, and refrigerant charge woes often occur in systems that have been incorrectly installed, so always rely on a skilled team like ABC.

Contact ABC online or call 813-452-5952 today for assistance with your air conditioning issues.

AC Repair

Our comprehensive repair services are available 24/7 in emergencies. We offer no-surprise pricing at affordable rates. Our technicians can make light work of everything from defective relays and leaks to electrical malfunctions and airflow problems. We know the problem is urgent when an AC breaks down in Citrus Park.

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Annual Maintenance Plan

The most responsible way to extend your system’s life span is by performing annual maintenance. We offer an annual AC maintenance plan to make the process easier and more affordable. Our Ultimate Advantage Plan will provide automated reminders when it’s time for a service. You’ll also receive priority scheduling, value-added warranties, and regular system checks for your household appliances.

AC Systems & Air Handlers

Central AC

Central ACs rely on ductwork to cool your entire home. If your property already has ductwork, their upfront costs are lower than those of mini-splits. Central air conditioners can work together with air purifiers.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps handle climate control in summer and winter, making their upfront costs remarkably affordable. They reverse their effects for a new season and offer exceptional climate control.

Air Handlers

Air handlers operate with air conditioners or heating equipment to circulate processed air. They don’t remove heat from the air, but they’re essential to an electric heat pump or mini-split purchase.

Call ABC today at 813-452-5952 or contact us online to learn more about different AC systems.

Why Choose ABC Tampa?

ABC has been repairing and maintaining air conditioners in Citrus Park and surrounding areas for over 65 years. We’ve always focused on providing transparent pricing and exceptional results. We believe that integrity is every bit as important as expertise. That’s why we charge by the job, not the hours it takes to complete it. When temperatures climb and your system lets you down, you can count on our 24/7 emergency services.

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How can I save energy with my air conditioner?

Turn your air conditioner on early when you expect a scorching day. This way, the system won’t have to work harder to cool your home at midday. Clean air filters also go a long way toward saving energy, so clean yours often. If you’re using a split system, adjust the louvers to point downward in winter and upward in summer.

Is it worthwhile to fix a 10-year-old system?

It’s generally cheaper to replace an older system than repair it, but if you’re in doubt, there’s a common rule of thumb to work with: If your repair costs 50% or more of a potential replacement, it’s best to install a new system.

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