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AC Repair & AC Replacement Services in Brandon, FL

The hot and humid climate in Florida demands an air conditioning system that is built to last and dependable to keep your home comfortable year-round. Whether you need repairs for your current air conditioning system, routine maintenance, or a completely new system, you can count on the local experts at ABC Plumbing, Air & Heat for fast, reliable service.

With over 70 years of professional experience as an air conditioning contractor, ABC is proud to serve Brandon and the surrounding areas. We feature NATE-certified technicians, upfront pricing, and a worry-free guarantee on all of our work.

For a top-quality AC company in and around the Brandon, FL, area, choose the experts at ABC. Give us a call today at (813) 452-5952 or contact us online to get started!

AC Repair in Brandon

Our team lives and works in Brandon, so we know how brutal the heat can be. That’s why at ABC, we pride ourselves on providing fast, reliable air conditioning repairs for any AC problem, minor or major. No matter when your system needs to be checked out, we’ll be there for you with 24/7 emergency services.

We proudly service all brands, makes, and models of cooling systems, including air conditioners and heat pumps. We’ve seen and repaired many issues over the years.

Common Air Conditioner Issues

  • Startup problems
  • Airflow and cooling problems
  • Compressor, air handler, and blower motor problems
  • Defective relays, contactors, capacitors, and control boards
  • Refrigerant leaks and frozen evaporators
  • Thermostat and electrical problems
  • And more!

Signs Your Air Conditioner Unit Needs Repair

Not sure if you need professional help? Call our team at ABC for AC repair when you notice any of the following:

  • Problems starting or running
  • Airflow problems
  • Insufficient cooling
  • Unusual noises
  • Strange odors

If you notice any of these issues happening, it’s time to call the AC contractors at ABC. Contact our team online or call (813) 452-5952 today for a complete system inspection!

Air Conditioner Installation & Replacement in Brandon

If your air conditioner is no longer working as efficiently as it ought to, or if you’ve recently moved and need a system installed in your new home, look no further than our team at ABC Plumbing, Air & Heat. We have been trusted for nearly 70 years for quality air conditioner installation at a great price.

ABC’s comprehensive installation process includes:

  • Removing and disposing of your existing air conditioning system
  • Performing new cooling load calculations to ensure the system is sized properly
  • Selecting an air conditioner with the features, capacity, and performance that you desire
  • Installing the condenser unit, evaporator, refrigerant lines, electrical cables, and accessories
  • Charging and testing the system
  • Explaining the system’s operation, care, and energy-saving features

Need some expert advice on your options for central air conditioning or other units? Contact us online to schedule AC installation today!

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your AC Unit

Is your air conditioner sending you warning signs that it’s on its way out? Keeping an eye out for red flags can save you time, money, and a lot of discomfort. Some common signs that it’s time to replace an old system include:

  • Constant system cycling
  • More frequent repairs
  • Weak airflow
  • Warm airflow
  • Strange sounds from the unit
  • Strange odors from the unit

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Any Florida resident knows it’s no fun waiting in the heat and humidity for an air conditioning problem to be fixed. The best way to avoid this sticky situation is to keep your AC unit properly maintained by ABC Plumbing, Air & Heat’s NATE-certified technicians.

We offer comprehensive air conditioning maintenance and tune-up services that include more than just a simple inspection and cleaning. Our advanced method can:

  • Minimize your energy usage
  • Keep cooling costs as low as possible
  • Avoid unnecessary breakdowns and repairs
  • Extend the service life of your AC equipment
  • Provide improved cooling, air quality, and humidity control

Our maintenance services ensure your system is running correctly, from inspecting the condensate drain to replacing the air filters and checking the refrigerant charge.

What You Can Do To Keep the AC Running Longer

We love passing along advice to our customers that helps them maintain their home between service visits. Check out these five ways you can prolong the life of your AC system:

  1. Change your filters. This is a simple but critical step since a clogged filter forces your system to work overtime. Check them regularly throughout the summer when dust and pollen are stirred up.
  2. Clean your indoor coil. When changing your filter, give your coil a check for any dust and dirt buildup. If it’s particularly dirty, you may need a service technician to provide it with proper cleaning.
  3. Keep the outdoor unit clear. It can be easy to forget about since it’s out of sight, but the outdoor part of your cooling equipment needs attention, too. Make sure it’s free of overgrown grass and weeds, as well as any sitting water.
  4. Run your dryer at night. Your clothes dryer blows air out of the house, causing air to be drawn in at the same time to offset it. If you are pulling in the hot afternoon air, your air conditioner must work harder to compensate. Keep drying until the evening hours, or better yet, use a clothesline to let the sun do the work!
  5. Schedule regular maintenance. We recommend scheduling cooling maintenance at least once a year, ideally in the spring. Don’t forget, ABC services all common brands and models of AC equipment!

Call us today at (813) 452-5952 to save money on an air conditioning maintenance tune-up in Brandon, FL! 

Schedule Air Conditioning Services in Brandon

When you need the best air conditioning contractor in Brandon, look no further than the experienced professionals at ABC Plumbing, Air & Heat. Whether it’s a late-night repair, total system replacement, or just a tune-up, you can count on our team to work hard to ensure your comfort.

With ABC, the job will be completed correctly the first time, every time. We even offer a worry-free guarantee at no cost!

Call us today at (813) 452-5952 or contact us online to schedule cooling services for your Brandon home.

Air Conditioning FAQs

When you have questions about air conditioning and cooling services for your Brandon-area home, our team has the answers you need to select the best service available. Find the information you need to secure professional service in the FAQ answers below:

What is the average life of an air conditioner?

Most air conditioners can last 15 to 20 years when maintained properly. You may need a few repairs along the way, but your HVAC technician can usually catch and fix small problems during your maintenance checks.

My AC isn’t working. What should I check before calling for service?

Before you call us, check the basics:

  • Test the batteries in your thermostat
  • Check for a tripped breaker or blown fuse
  • Change your air filter
  • Make sure the system is set to cool

If one of these simple problems is not to blame, call us for a complete AC system checkup.

What types and brands of AC systems does ABC service?

As a Nexstar Network Top 20 Service Company for five consecutive years, offering NATE-certified cooling services from the industry’s top technicians, our team has the skills and tools necessary to service any type or brand of air conditioning unit.
Call our team at 813-452-5952 to schedule air conditioning service in your Florida home today!

Does ABC provide emergency AC services?

We understand that emergency repair, replacement, and maintenance needs can happen at any time. That’s why we provide 24/7 emergency services for all your urgent air conditioning needs. Call 813-452-5952 to be connected with one of our emergency service members and get the immediate AC relief you need!

ABC Plumbing, Air & Heat Serves Brandon, FL

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