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Electrician in Vernon Hills, IL – Best Electrical Repair & Installation Services

Looking for a reliable electrician in Vernon Hills, IL? You’ve come to the right place.

Looking for a reliable electrician in Vernon Hills, IL? You’ve come to the right place, here’s why.

ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric certified electricians have been providing Vernon Hills homeowners with complete electrical services including installation, upgrades and repairs. No matter what type of electrical needs you may have it’s important to hire a qualified, experienced electrician.

When the job is finished the work area is thoroughly cleaned and the price we quoted is the price you pay. All work and your satisfaction are guaranteed 100%. We even follow up to make sure you’re satisfied with our work and our people.

Call ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric we arrive on time, treat you and your home with the respect and attention to safety you deserve.

Electrical Installation in Vernon Hills, IL

Electrical Fixture Installation

We handle complete installations of all indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures including ceiling lights, cabinet lighting, stairwell lights, spotlights, landscape lighting and more. Meticulous wiring, positioning and testing conducted to illumination standards.

Electrical Outlet & Switch Installation

We expand functionality in homes by installing new outlets/switches wherever needed, upgrading old outlets to GFCI/USB capable and mounting light switches/dimmers for room ambiance control. Locations tested for load capacity before installation.

Electric Car Charger Installation

Handle growing EV charging needs with our professional installations of Level 2 smart chargers (240v) including required electrical upgrades, permanent mounting suited for car models and customization of charge modes/speeds via smartphone.

Fan Installation

Properly balancing ceiling fan blades makes a big difference in longevity and noise levels. We securely install new ceiling fans in optimal locations and replace outdated existing fans needing updated fixtures or remote functions. Light kit wiring included.

Light Fixture Installation

Besides general ceiling/cabinet fixtures, we also install specialty lighting like security lights, spotlighting, stair lighting, landscape lighting and backlit decorative fixtures to put each living space in its best light. Position and compliance ensured.

Outdoor Lighting Installation

Use our lighting design services to highlight the beautiful architecture and landscaping of your home exterior and gardens using low-voltage LED fixtures creatively placed along pathways, patios, perimeter areas and trees/plants. Uplighting creates dramatic nighttime ambiance.

GFCI Outlet Installation

Recent codes require GFCI outlets in kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, basements and outdoor areas prone to moisture which we accommodate by replacing regular outlets properly rated for the correct circuit voltage/amperage in order to prevent shocks.

Appliance Wiring

We handle all electrical requirements when installing new appliances like running dedicated circuits, installing special 240v outlets, linking appliance controls and performing safety checks to ensure flawless performance. Licensed and insured.

Indoor & Outdoor Lighting

Our lighting design experience shines through in the customized interior and exterior lighting plans we create aligned with how you use your spaces. Lighting types, fixtures, bulb colors, dimming, positioning and beam angles all play a role.

Surge Protection Installation

Preserve equipment by having us install advanced whole house surge protectors rated for the electrical capacity coming into your home. Essential for blocking massive voltage spikes from reaching your sensitive electronics and appliances.

Generator Installation

We handle complete installations of home standby generators fueled by natural gas or propane that automatically power essential circuits like heating/cooling systems, security systems, sump pumps and refrigerators when the grid fails. Redundancy brings peace of mind.

Electrical Repair and Replacement Services in Vernon Hills, IL

Electrical Fuse Changing

Replacing blown fuses requiring disconnecting affected circuits should only be temporary. Our technicians troubleshoot to find root causes like circuits suddenly overloading or short circuit faults needing repair. Safety first.

Outlet & Switch Repair

Faulty outlets/switches get diagnosed and repaired rapidly if possible by our experts. Upgrades done as needed. We repair issues like loose wiring, weatherproofing failures, short circuits, spark gaps or broken mounting plates based on inspection.

Electrical Panel Repair

Prior to potentially expensive panel replacement, we attempt to repair issues like rusted bus bars, cracked insulation, grime buildup causing shorts, or reconfiguring cable connections. Breakers constantly tripping indicate an overloaded failing panel.

Panel Replacement/Upgrades

Eventually main electrical panels become outdated and overloaded requiring replacement with higher capacity to eliminate frequently tripped circuits. We replace panels providing increased voltage, amperage and breaker count suitable for powering expanded living space additions and charging stations.

Electrical Wiring Repairs

Our technicians rapidly trace and repair faulty wiring causing appliances not to turn on, circuits excessively tripping or strange electrical odors. We repair worn insulation, shorts, loose junctions or overloaded wires instead of superficial fixes. Licensed and bonded.

Light Fixture Repair

Don’t tolerate buzzing fixtures or dimming lights. We repair existing light fixtures exhibiting minor functionality issues. If non-repairable, full replacements are done restoring illumination and safety. Most common repairs involve wiring, ballasts or sockets.

Generator Replacement

Rather than continual maintenance on older generators, we recommend replacement with new larger capacity home standby generators featuring WiFi monitoring, advanced safety shutoffs and automatic whole house power during outages to run essential systems like medical devices comfortably.

Generator Repair

Keep backup generators running reliably with our tune-ups checking fuel lines, sensors battery charging, exhaust, vibration levels and automatic transfer switch functionality. Test runs included in repairs. Detect problems early.

Electrical Inspections and Code Compliance Services in Vernon Hills, IL

Electrical Inspections

Inspections by our experienced electricians use thermal scans and voltage meter testing capable of finding hazards like overloaded circuits, loose wiring and corrosion before it causes outlet sparking or electrical fires needing emergency repairs. Pre-listing inspections also available.

Electrical Code Corrections

We correct common electrical code violations that older homes often have like unlabeled circuit breakers, lack of GFCI outlets near water sources, exposed wires lacking conduit and dangerously high wattage extension cord usage needing upgrading to permanent fixtures/outlets. Safety is priority one.

Electrical Relocation and Upgrades Services in Vernon Hills, IL

Outlet & Switch Relocation

As you renovate and remodel over the years, we can easily move outlets and light switches into more convenient, modernized positions without tearing up walls excessively. New opening creation and finishing included.

Panel Upgrades

Eventually main electrical panels become dated and overloaded by higher energy use from luxury home additions. We replace old panels as required providing increased voltage, amperage and breaker count needed to eliminate nuisance tripped circuits and power expansions like EV chargers.

Electrical Restoration and Protection Services in Vernon Hills, IL

Power Restoration

Storm debris or vehicle accidents damaging exterior electrical lines, transformers and meter boxes can leave your home powerless. We provide rapid response repairs 24/7 to safely remediate issues restoring interior electricity once exterior access cleared. Call immediately!

Surge Protection

We install heavy duty whole house surge protectors proven capable of filtering massive voltage spikes before hitting interior lines and destroying computers, appliances, A/V systems and lighting equipment. Adds an extra layer of protection beyond surge strips.

Specialized Electrical Services in Vernon Hills, IL

Whole House Backup Power Generator Installation

Get continuous power to household necessities with our expert standby generator installations capable of running heating/cooling, security systems, sump pumps, freezers, medical equipment automatically when the grid fails. Redundancy brings substantial peace of mind.

EV Charging Stations Installation

Meet growing demand for electric vehicle charging at home. We handle professional installation of Level 2 smart EV chargers including electrical upgrades, materials/permits, charger mounting customized to car models and control of charging speeds/modes via WiFi-connected apps.

For any residential electrical need, our master electricians focus on completing high quality work correctly and efficiently without cutting corners. Contact us today for fair, reasonable pricing! Our great customer satisfaction shows in many happy homeowners.

FAQs Related to Our Electrical Services in Vernon Hills, IL

What areas do you serve?

We are a licensed and insured electrical company providing quality services to residential and commercial customers across Vernon Hills, Buffalo Grove, and surrounding IL suburbs.

What type of experience does your team have?

A: With over 30+ years serving Chicagoland customers, our master electricians have extensive experience in areas from wiring, lighting, networks to large-scale system installations for homes and buildings.

Why choose your electrical company?

A: We have thousands of 5-star customer reviews on Google because we are affordable, responsive, experienced, and dedicated to safe, quality results for every customer’s unique electrical needs.

What can I expect if I submit a project request?

You can expect a fast response and customized quote outlining pricing with no hidden fees. Once hired, our uniformed electricians provide expert troubleshooting, quality installations, clear communication and top-notch customer service through project completion.

What types of electrical projects do you offer?

Our licensed electricians handle a wide range of residential and commercial services – from installing lighting, appliances, EV chargers and backup generators to troubleshooting wiring problems, and upgrading home electrical systems.

Can you handle electrical issues in my kitchen?

Yes, our electricians have significant experience in residential kitchen electrical – we handle everything from installing new pendant lights, electrical outlets, appliances, to troubleshooting wiring issues in existing kitchens across homes in the Vernon Hills area. We work diligently to resolve any kitchen electrical problems.

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