When Your Washing Machine Won't Drain

Posted April 20, 2015

What do you do when your washing machine doesn't seem to be working properly? Do you remain calm, try to find the source and then contact your local experts? Or do you get angry and punch or kick your poor machine? We highly recommend going with the former option rather than the latter, especially when your washing machine won't drain. Rather than becoming frustrated, take a deep breath and try to identify where the problem is coming from. In a situation where the water won't drain, it's vital to identify whether the actual machine or the drain is causing the problem.

Washing Machine Drain

If there is something clogging the washing machine's drain, it can cause the water to remain in the drum after the cycle is over. How can you check the drain to see if it's causing the problem? You'll need to remove the drain tube to make sure it's clear. If you can blow air through the tube, chances are good that it's not the problem.

Washing Machine Pump

All machines are equipped with a pump. It's the pump's job to get rid of the water once a cycle is completed and if it's not working properly, it won't drain. So if you've checked the drain tube and it's clear, but water still remains in the machine, it's likely that the pump needs some attention. It's a good idea to leave this problem to a plumbing professional because if you don't know what you're doing, you can make the problem worse. Call on the experts at ABC today so you can get to those dirty clothes cleaned right away!

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