What Can't Go Down a Garbage Disposal

Posted March 28, 2016

Stay active this holiday season, especially when it comes to disposing food scraps. Although garbage disposals come in a variety of shapes and sizes there are some foods that should never be thrown down them. Find out what a garbage disposal can't handle below:

Stringy Foods

Chopping vegetables? Refrain from tossing stringy ones down the disposal. Foods like celery, artichokes and asparagus can wrap around the blades and cause them to get stuck. If you absolutely MUST, do so in very small quantities and keep the water running.

Grease and Fats

Although you may think your disposal can easily cut through grease and fats, that's not necessarily the problem. It can cause a film over the blades, clog the drain and leave a foul odor in the kitchen. Pour them into an empty jar or wipe it into your trash can with a paper towel instead.


Thousands of families enjoy meat during the holiday season. While many cooks trim the meat off the bone, others tend to leave it on for extra flavor. Whatever the case may be, never throw the bones down your disposal. They can jam up the grinding wheel and cause major problems. For over 75 years, ABC Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, Cooling and Electric has served the Chicagoland area from the northwest suburbs, to the heart of downtown. Give us a call if you have clogged drains or need your garbage disposal serviced this holiday season.

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