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Stop the Drip

Posted on: March 19, 2015

It’s time to put an end to that annoying dripping faucet! Think about what life could be like, coming home to a sink that no longer dripped and how much water you’ll be conserving once the problem is fixed. Best of all, with just a few household tools and a replacement part or two, you can solve the problem once and for all!

You’ve been putting off the faucet repair because it’s expensive and time-consuming, right? Wrong! You probably already have the necessary tools lying around your home: a Phillips-head screwdriver and some WD-40. While you may not have replacement washers or O-rings lying around, you can get those at your local hardware store. Put these tools and parts together and in just a few minutes you can sit back and enjoy a dripless faucet.

  1. Make sure you turn off the water supply before buckling down to do the work. This includes making sure the handles are in the off position and the valves underneath the sink are turned off as well.
  2. Remove the handles and unscrew the mounting screws using your screwdriver. If you can’t seem to get them to turn, apply a bit of oil to loosen them up. Then loosen the packing nut and remove the stem.
  3. Take a moment to inspect the O-ring and the washer inside the valve as either of these parts could be the cause of your leak. If they look damaged, replace them with a new part, but make sure the new ones are the exact same size. A washer or O-ring that “almost” fits will “almost” stop the leak.
  4. Reassemble the parts and put the handles back on. Then turn the water supply valves and the handles to the on position to make sure nothing is leaking.

If your faucet is still leaking, you may need to call in the professionals – that’s where we come in. The expert plumbers at ABC will be able to identify the exact cause of the leak and take any necessary measures to fix the problem. Call us at to schedule an appointment today!

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