The Smarter Way to Spring Clean

Posted April 28, 2017

Do you feel stressed about “spring cleaning”? We know how daunting it can sound—the idea of doing lots of work in and around your house to get it ready for warmer weather—but it doesn’t have to be so demanding. They key? Work smarter, not harder.

3 Tasks to Take On This Spring

Pruning Trees & Shrubs: Not only is this an essential task when it comes to your home’s vegetation, it also has benefits when it comes to your air conditioning system. Use a hand saw for branches larger than ½” in diameter. For anything smaller, hand pruners will do. Beds & Borders: It’s time to rake the beds and free-up borders of your garden and lawn. Again, this task has multiple benefits when it comes to keep your cooling system in tip-top shape. The less dead leaves and brush around your outdoor system, the better. Use a rake and a shovel to collect dead foliage. Paths & Patios: Since you’ll be spending lots of time entertaining guests this season, make sure your walkways and patios are ready to go. Brush them off push gravel back into place. If you notice any walkway or deck lights no longer work, call on the experts at ABC to replace the bulbs or fixtures. Remember a well-lit yard is the key to a great spring and summer.

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