What are the Benefits of A Whole House Surge Protector?

Posted May 5, 2015

Did you know that most power surges don't come from outside the home but from inside? Electrical appliances that cycle on and off can cause intense surges in a home's electrical system, damaging sensitive electrical equipment like TVs and computers.

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Because power surges occur in milliseconds, they are usually unnoticed. Sometimes, you will see lights flicker or notice that an appliance like your microwave has reset its clock or displays "PF," indicating a power failure. These little spikes in electrical current in your home's electrical wiring can cause expensive damage. Insurance claims from power surges are grouped into the same category of lightning strike damage. Together, they result in over a billion dollars in insured losses, with an average claim of over $4,500. A whole house surge protector can prevent damage from outside threats like electrical storms and power surges within the home. The best whole-house surge protectors are two-tiered systems with a whole-house surge protective device, or SPD, installed on the circuit breaker and plug-in SPDs on individual outlets. 

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