Preventing Garbage Disposal Clogs

Posted March 28, 2016

When a garbage disposal becomes clogged and stops working, there are generally two reasons for the obstruction. First, there is often insufficient water flow down the drain line, causing it to become filled with debris, creating an obstruction. Second, the material being put down the disposal is not able to effectively run through a disposal.

Four of the biggest culprits in disposal clogging are eggshells, coffee grounds, banana peels, and potato peels. Grinding egg shells or coffee grounds creates a gritty debris that attaches to any buildup inside the drain pipe, quickly causing a clog. Being a starchy food, potato peels form a gooey build-up that is difficult to rinse out. Banana peels are fibrous and create a stringy sludge that can tangle in the disposal's impeller.

Besides not putting the above food waste down the disposal, the key to preventing clogged disposal is to run lots of water during and for 30 seconds after grinding. To keep the disposal clean we also recommend grinding 3 cups of ice cubes with a little dish water.

Need help with your kitchen disposal? Call ABC Plumbing, we can unclog your drains quickly.

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