5 Plumbing Mistakes to Avoid

Posted September 17, 2015

Have the plumber on speed dial? While plumbing emergencies are usually unexpected and require the knowledge and professionalism of an expert technician, other minor plumbing problems can be avoided. Stay away from these five common mistakes that make homeowners reach for the phone.

1. Don’t Treat the Garbage Disposal like a Compactor: Be very careful of what you toss down your garbage disposal. They are more delicate than you might think and tossing stringy foods like potato peels, celery and pumpkin carvings can cause major damage.

2. Watch the Weight: Have a shampoo rack hanging from your shower head? Don’t put too many bottles of shampoo or bars of soap on there. Shower fixtures aren’t made to handle heavy weight, so place them on a shelf or on the floor instead.

3. Flush This, Not That: Toilets and their pipes are designed to handle human waste and toilet paper, not action figures, paper towels or cotton balls. Throw all other bathroom toiletries in the trash and remind your children to keep their toys away from the bowl.

4. Handle the Faucet with Care: Have a leaky faucet? Pulling or pushing really hard on the handle will not stop the water from dripping. It can leave you with a broken handle or worse, a broken faucet.

5. Take Pictures: Taking apart a plumbing fixture? Take pictures so you remember exactly what you took apart and which pieces go where. When it comes to kitchen faucets and shower heads, the pieces and clips are made to fit together a certain way.

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