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5 Plumbing Mistakes to Avoid

Have the plumber on speed dial? While plumbing emergencies are usually unexpected and require the knowledge and professionalism of an expert technician, other minor plumbing problems can be avoided. Stay away from these five common mistakes that make homeowners reach for the phone.

1. Don’t Treat the Garbage Disposal like a Compactor: Be very careful of what you toss down your garbage disposal. They are more delicate than you might think and tossing stringy foods like potato peels, celery and pumpkin carvings can cause major damage.

2. Watch the Weight: Have a shampoo rack hanging from your shower head? Don’t put too many bottles of shampoo or bars of soap on there. Shower fixtures aren’t made to handle heavy weight, so place them on a shelf or on the floor instead.

3. Flush This, Not That: Toilets and their pipes are designed to handle human waste and toilet paper, not action figures, paper towels or cotton balls. Throw all other bathroom toiletries in the trash and remind your children to keep their toys away from the bowl.

4. Handle the Faucet with Care: Have a leaky faucet? Pulling or pushing really hard on the handle will not stop the water from dripping. It can leave you with a broken handle or worse, a broken faucet.

5. Take Pictures: Taking apart a plumbing fixture? Take pictures so you remember exactly what you took apart and which pieces go where. When it comes to kitchen faucets and shower heads, the pieces and clips are made to fit together a certain way.

Have a plumbing emergency? Contact ABC right away and we’ll get the problem solved fast!

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  • “Have never had such an excellent technician to evaluate our furnace problem. If he hadn't been so thorough, it possibly could have resulted in a carbon monoxide disaster. A true professional!”

  • “After a long day on a Friday (first snow of the year - lots of customers without heat), Dion L came to perform routine furnace inspection and filter change. Dion was courteous, efficient, informed us of all that he was doing, showed us an area of concern and how we…”

  • “Ron S., fixed an electrical short in the attic, which prevented a fire. He rewired the attic thru the bedroom ceiling light. He replaced an outside electrical connection, and repaired my ceiling fan. The attic wiring was very crazy. He did an outstanding job figuring it out and fixing the…”

  • “I called other before I call ABC and was giving long wait and schedule time to come out and check the heating system. So I received a message on the web about ABC Plumbing and Heating. So I called the company right away and they said what time would you…”

  • “I am so impressed with Chris and ABC Plumbing, Heating, Cooling. His friendliness honest approach to his Job is remarkable. Thanks Chris for making my day and believing that they are still great honorable people out there.”

  • “Paul B. serviced my furnace yesterday with an inspection and cleaning. He didn't stop there though, I had purchased a new filter for my humidifier on the furnace and he replaced that for me, showed me how to do it in the future and explained how to adjust the humidity…”

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