How to Make Your Kitchen Appliances Last

Posted April 15, 2016

Take a second to think about how much abuse your kitchen appliances endure on a weekly basis. From leaving the refrigerator open to slamming the dishwasher closed it’s no wonder they don’t last forever. But with a little bit of grace and some maintenance here and there, you can extend the lifespan of the appliances you count on most. 

1. Glass-top Ranges: Have an electric range with a glass top? Since there’s no real moving parts they should last a very long time, right? Well, yes they can, if you take care of them. Banging heavy pots and pans and using the wrong type of cookware can damage them instantly. Be sure to use flat-bottomed pots and pans and make sure they correspond with the size of the burner. 

2. Refrigerators: Ever have a refrigerator fail? It can be a costly repair or an even more costly replacement. For these reasons, it’s vital to keep the condenser coils clean. You should be cleaning them at least once a year (and more frequently if you have pets). All you need to do is vacuum the coils to remove dust, dirt and debris. 

3. Dishwashers: This piece of equipment goes through a lot on a weekly basis. From food caked on dishes and utensils to extreme heat and water, it covers just about all of the bases. But rust is something your machine won’t handle too well. Inspect the dish racks frequently and replace them right away if you notice any signs of rust - a new dish rack is much cheaper than replacing the entire dishwasher. Need somebody to fix the plumbing associated with your kitchen appliances? One call makes it simple. For over 60 years, ABC has been providing plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical services to homes all across Chicagoland. At ABC, our people provide professional service with a personal touch. Call us today!

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