How New Light Bulb Technology Is Changing the Way We Light Our Homes

Posted April 8, 2014

As old incandescent light bulbs are phased out over the next couple of years there will be new light bulb technology that will provide Chicago area homeowners with a number of advantages.

CFL Light Bulbs

Compact florescent bulbs (CFLs) now come in a wide array of different shapes, sizes, and even colors of light. While CFLs cost a bit more than an incandescent bulbs, they use only about a quarter as much energy and will last much longer (typically around 10,000 hours). A CFL bulb pays for its higher price after about 500 hours of use. After that, it's money in your pocket. CFLs also give off less heat, making them safer and helpful during the summer when your air conditioner is running.

LED Light Bulbs

While still less common than CFLs, light emitting diodes (LEDs), allow for high energy efficiency and extremely long-lasting light bulbs. An LED light bulb can reduce energy consumption by 80-90% and last around 100,000 hours. The price of LED bulbs is expected to decline as productiion increases in the years ahead.

How Much Will You Save With Newer Light Bulbs?

While the initial cost of CFL and LED bulbs is significantly higher than the cost of incandescent bulds, the cost is expected to keep coming down as manufacturers phase out the older bulbs. The initial higher cost is offset by a much higher lifespan of newer bulbs. Here's how they compare:

  • Incandescent Bulbs: 1,200 Hours Per Pulb
  • CF Bulbs: 10,000 Hours
  • LED Bulbs: 50,000 Hours

Energy Cost Of Lighting

For 50,000 Hours of lighting here is how much each type of bulb will cost.

  • Incandescent : $352.50
  • CFL: $89.75
  • LED: $85.75

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