Fixing Leaks Around Your Home

Posted March 16, 2015

Celebrate Fix a Leak Week with us! This week, we are taking the time to focus on fixing leaks around the home in order to conserve water and avoid major plumbing disasters. Taking just a minute or two out of your week to check for leaks can help reduce annual household water waste - which adds up to a whopping 1 trillion gallons worldwide, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Some of the common causes of leaks include worn toilet flappers, dripping faucets and shower heads, and leaky valves. There are a few things you need to know, which will allow you to tell if there is a leak in your home. And the good news is, most leaks are easily fixable.

How Can You Tell If You Have a Leak?

Other than a clearly visible dripping faucet or valve, leaks in your home can often go unnoticed. So, how can you determine if your home is leaking water? It's important to look at your water usage during the winter months. If your family uses more than 12,000 gallons of water per month, there are definitely leaks present. Another way to check is by looking at your water meter during a 2-hour period when nobody is using any water. If the meter changes, you probably have a leak.

Worn Toilet Flapper

Toilets often leak as a result of an old or worn-out toilet flapper. These rubber parts can break down over time due to mineral build up, but they can replaced rather simply. Just make sure to bring your old flapper with you to your local hardware store or when consulting your plumber, to make sure you get the correct piece.

Leaky Shower Heads

Notice water dripping from your shower head even when the water is turned off? This could be a result of a loose connection between the shower head and the pipe stem. Check to make sure the connection is tight and if it's still leaking Teflon tape can be used to keep it under control. For more serious leaks, it's important to call in a licensed plumber. Have a bad leak in your home? Give ABC Plumbing a call right away to get the problem fixed fast! Not only are you wasting water, but it could be costing you a fortune!

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