Don't Fall Victim To These Plumbing Myths

Posted September 18, 2015

Where do you go first for information if you’re experiencing a plumbing problem? While you might be able to get answers from friends or on the internet, many plumbing myths can leave you with more trouble than when you started. In order to keep your pipes and your wallet intact, it’s important to understand what not to do: 

Myth: Placing a brick inside your toilet tank will help you save water. 
Fact: While a brick will help displace some of the water in the tank, it can deteriorate over time. It can also cause serious damage to the flapper as well as your pipes. If you’re looking to save water, look for an energy efficient model instead. 
Myth: Toilet tablets that contain bleach are safe solutions for keeping my toilet clean. 
Fact: Bleach can be extremely detrimental to the working parts of your toilet. It can wear away at the porcelain and corrode pipes over time. 
Myth: It’s perfectly fine to clean plumbing fixtures with hand soap. 
Fact: Some plumbing fixtures can get damaged by hand soap. Use gentle solutions such as lemons and baking soda instead. When cleaning the toilet, be sure to use a cleaner with an antibacterial substance. 

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