How Do I Get My Toilet to Stop Leaking

Posted March 28, 2016

Did you know that leaks account for about 14% off all water usage in the average U.S. home? While there are a number of places throughout a house that could potentially malfunction and cause water to leak, toilets can be found at the top of the list of culprits. Sometimes it's easy to tell if your toilet is leaking and other times you may need to dive a bit deeper.

Checking For Leaks

One easy way to determine if your toilet is leaking is by using food coloring. Remove the lid to the toilet tank and squirt 10 drops or so of food coloring into the tank. Put the lid back on, wait at least 10-15 minutes and then look into the bowl. Notice colored water? If so, you have a leak.

Fixing A Leak

Now that you have determined that your toilet is in fact leaking, what can you do to fix it? It all depends on the severity of the issue but here are a few quick DIY fixes: 

Check the ball cock: this is essentially an on/off valve inside the tank. A float ball regulates the fill level of the tank and the bowl after each flush. If your toilet is running intermittently, the ball cock could be faulty and you may need to replace it. 

Check the chain: the chain opens the flapper at the beginning of each flush and lowers to close the flapper upon completion. Oftentimes, the chain is too long or too short which can interfere with the flapper closing. Adjust it if necessary. 

Check the flapper: the flapper lifts to let water flow into the bowl. If it's not closing properly, it could be the cause of your leak. Scrub mineral deposits to tighten the seal or replace it if you notice that it's broken. Still noticing the leak? It might be time to call in the experts and that's where we come in! 

The professional plumbers at ABC have what it takes to stop the leak fast and make sure your toilet is operating correctly.

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