Can I Pour Grease Down the Drain

Posted August 18, 2015

We've all done it before. After cooking up some crispy bacon in the frying pan, pouring the leftover grease down the drain can be very tempting. We've all been warned that it can be very detrimental to our home's plumbing system, but why?

Why Is Pouring Grease Down The Drain Bad?

The answer is simple. When water mixes with the fats and oils in the grease it can build up to form conglomerates of chemicals that have the potential to block the pipes. Why is this bad? Not only can it cause blocks in your drainage systems, it can prevent wastewater from being transported to treatment plants.

What Should We Do With It Instead?

People often ask how they should safely dispose of grease if pouring it down the drain is not a great option. If you have small amounts of oil or grease left after cooking, let it solidify in the pan or in a jar. Wipe up the pan with a paper towel to soak it up and dispose of the paper towel in the garbage can. If you go the jar route, you can simply toss the jar in the trash once it solidifies. Remember, if you do accidentally get some grease down the drain, wash it down immediately using boiling water and vinegar. Having a problem with a slow drain? Contact the plumbing experts at ABC today.

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