Energy-Saving Tips for Winter - Alternative Ways to Stay Warm

Posted December 12, 2016

READ THIS before you run over to the thermostat to turn up the heat! Most homeowners find themselves paying higher energy bills during the cold winter months for that very reason. However, there are lots of ways to keep warm that don't include raising the temperature and best of all, they're FREE! When it comes to saving on energy bills during the winter, a little bit of creativity mixed with a dash of common sense goes a very long way. Keep these tips in mind as we dive head first into colder temperatures:
  • Toss your socks in the dryer for a few minutes before you put them on your feet. Why? When your extremities are cold, chances are the rest of your body will feel cold as well so keeping those toes warm will help heat your body from the ground up. You can do the same with your pants and shirts if you wish!
  • Remove the cotton or satin sheets from your bed and replace them with flannel. Flannel is much warmer and much cozier and will help keep your body warm while you sleep. We also recommend swapping out the lighter blankets for a down or down-alternative comforter.
  • Use the sunlight to your advantage. Open up curtains and blinds on sunny days to allow the warm rays to penetrate through windows and glass doors. Just remember to close them at night to help trap the heat inside.
  • Throw on an extra layer. If you often find yourself wearing t-shirts and/or shorts inside your home during the winter season it may be time to succumb to a sweater and pants. And if that's not enough, throw on a light jacket or sweatshirt.
Taking advantage of the tips above can give your home's heating system a much-needed rest this winter and if you notice it's no longer working the way it used to, don't hesitate to call on the heating experts at ABC!

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