Is Your Air Conditioner Making Noise? Here's Why and What it Means

Posted May 3, 2017

Air conditioning systems today are built to be quieter than ever before, so if you hear loud noises it could mean something has gone awry. Most of the systems on the market today come equipped with sound dampening technology that keeps them to 55 decibels or less so you really shouldn't hear too much. With that said, it doesn't mean you should ignore strange noises. Here's what they might mean:


It's never a good sign when a piece of technology makes a banging noise and the same is true for your air conditioning system. This type of sound usually means there's a loose or broken part. It could be a connecting rod, a piston or the crankshaft or it could signify the blower isn't balanced properly.


When the brakes on your car start to screech, you bring it in for service, right? Well, you should call for service if your air conditioner is making the same sort of noises. If you hear loud screeching noises coming from the air conditioning system it could mean the fan motor bearings are shot or the blower wheel and housing are on their last legs.


If you hear buzzing, there could be an issue with one or more different parts. There could be debris in the system, the outdoor fan motor could be loose, the fan blades may need to be tightened or balanced or the condenser coil might need to be cleaned. Since there are so many different possibilities here, it's best to call in the professionals. The next time you're inconvenienced by a broken AC, call the specialists at ABC!

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