How Maximize Shower Space - 5 Effective Ideas to Create More Room

Posted December 16, 2014

If you have a small shower, every day can be a battle. Between washing your body and finding space for your favorite shampoo, completing your morning routine can become excessively stressful. In order to combat this problem, we've put together 5 tips to get more space out of your shower.

Built-in Shelving

Building shelves into the wall (between the studs) can really make your shower feel larger. You can actually make these shelves a focal point of your shower by matching, or contrasting, the tiles used in the rest of the shower. Built-in shelves are perfect for storing shampoo bottles, soaps, and razors.

Hanging Shower Caddie

When you run out of storage space, a hanging shower caddie is the perfect solution. Organizing additional soaps and shampoos has never been easier and best of all, they will be out of your way!

Multi-Purpose Grab Bar

Not only will a grab bar provide safety and security for your entire family, one with a shelf attached can serve a variety of purposes. You can have easy access to your loofah or razor when you're ready for them and they're perfect for keeping them out of your way when you aren't.

Curved Shower Rod

If you have a small shower and you use a shower curtain, a curved rod is a MUST! A curved rod extends slightly out into the room so you'll have more head space compared to a straight rod.

Choosing Accessories

When choosing your stationary or movable shower head, try to choose ones with a slim profile. Shower heads that take up space on your wall will only mean less loom for you!

Now that you have maximized your shower space and your morning routine is back on track, if you notice any problems with your shower's drainage system don't wait until it becomes a big mess. Call ABC Plumbing right away and we'll have one of our licensed plumbers come to your aid!

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