How to Improve Air Quality in Home Naturally

Posted May 19, 2016


Did you know that air fresheners and household bathroom sprays may actually be making the air inside your home toxic? Believe it or not, there are lots of items you use in your home on a daily basis that can be detrimental to your health. It’s time to kick them to the curb and start breathing fresher, cleaner air today! While your house might be filled with harmful airborne pollutants, by making a few simple changes you’ll be well on your way to chemical-free air.

  1. Keep your HVAC filters clean. Especially now that we are entering the cooling season, it’s vital to clean the filters at least once a month. This will help get rid of pollen, dust, and other allergens.
  2. Get rid of bathroom sprays and synthetic fragrances. Although they may make the air smell good, they’re actually filling it with chemicals. Most household fragrances contain phthalates and other volatile organic chemicals.
  3. Avoid burning candles made of paraffin wax. Opt for soy candles instead - they burn cleaner and won’t release harmful chemicals.
  4. Bring a few plants inside. Gerbera daisies, Aloe vera, and a number of other succulents can help remove toxins from the air. They can also help brighten up the kitchen, living room or bathroom.
  5. Air it out. On sunny days where humidity and pollen levels are low, it’s not a bad idea to crack open a few windows to let in some fresh air.

At ABC, our indoor air quality specialists are highly skilled and they understand heating, cooling, and ventilation. We don’t just treat the symptoms, we get right to the source by performing an in-depth evaluation of the quality of the air in your home. So relax, and don’t be afraid to take a deep breath. Give us a call us today to learn more!

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