How to Stay Warm Without Turning Up the Heat

Posted October 4, 2016

Take advantage of any remaining warm weather we have left this fall, because before we know it winter will be here to stay. And while spending time outside during the winter sounds like a really bad dream to some of us, it's perfect for cozying up inside. But how can you stay warm without cranking up the heat? The 4 tips below will keep you toasty without spending a dime on energy bills.
  1. Keep Cool Air Out: still have sheer curtains on your windows? While they may look nice and airy for summer, they'll let cool air pass through in the winter time if you have drafty windows. Go for heavier options instead and remember to seal off any cracks or gaps around windows and doors.
  2. Change Your Bedding: it's just about time to store those silky, lightweight sheets away and break out the heavier cottons and flannels. You may also want to layer a few blankets or switch to a down comforter instead.
  3. Add An Area Rug: hate the feeling of cold floors on your bare feet? We don't blame you. And if your feet are cold, chances are the rest of your body will feel cold, too. Adding an area rug to the living room or bedroom is a great way to provide a cozier feel than hardwood floors.
  4. Keep The Oven Door Open After Cooking: using the oven to cook a delicious meal for your family? Leave the door cracked open when you're finished cooking to let the warm out into your living spaces.
Need your home's heating system serviced? Give the experts at ABC a call today! Keeping it working smoothly is a top priority for our crew this fall and winter.

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