Why Do Sump Pump Fails and How to Prevent it

Posted June 24, 2014

When you consider the damage that a flooded basement can cause, a sump pump is cheap insurance against the stress and hassle of extensive water damage. Unfortunately, as with any mechanical device, sump pumps eventually fail to work or simply wear out. 

Here are 4 common reasons your sump pump may fail:

1. Power Failure

Because severe storms are often accompanied by power outages, unless you have a standby battery back-up sump pump, it's not going to work when the power goes out.

2. Stuck Switches

A mechanical float switch is used to activate the pump when the water starts to rise. Testing your sump pump annually will ensure the switch is moving freely. Enclosing the sump pump pit with a cover will prevent any potential interference with the operation of the pump.

3. Low-Quality Sump Pumps

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. A good quality sump pump should have an equally good warranty. 

4. Old Pumps 

Since they operate in a damp environment, sump pumps will eventually wear out and become less effective and prone to failure. You never know when a pump will fail, so have an experienced plumber inspect the unit if you are concerned about the unit's condition or age.

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