How to Save Money on AC Bill - Reduce Heat Sources for Efficient Home Cooling with These 9 Effective Tips

Posted May 19, 2015

Even if a home has the most efficient central air conditioner available it could be costing more to operate than it should. The reason is that many of today's well insulated homes are trapping heat and humidity from appliances and other sources. While simple steps like closing blinds to block the sun, and running ceiling fans to circulate the air can make a big difference, there are many sources of heat and humidity inside the home that can reduce the overall efficiency of a cooling system. Here are some things to look for: 

1. Incandescent bulbs. Because most of the energy from incandescent bulbs goes to generating heat rather than light, turning them off or using a dimmer will reduce heat significantly. A cooler lighting option is to install CFL or LED light bulbs, which convert more of their energy into light, thereby operating much cooler. 

2. Install the thermostat away from windows and heat sources like lamps and TVs. 

3. During hot weather, use an outside grill or cook with a microwave instead of the oven or range. 

4. Ensure that your clothes dryer and bathroom exhaust fans are venting outside and not into the attic. 

5. Dry clothes outside. Dryers not only generate heat, but also humidity. 

6. Skip the heat dry cycle on your dishwasher. The drying cycle of a dishwasher generates a lot of warm, humid air.

7. Use a water heater blanket to reduce heat loss and make your water heater operate more efficiently. 

8. Turn off the gas supply to fireplaces and heaters. Pilot lights generate heat and waste natural gas. Have questions about keeping your home cool? Call ABC Plumbing we're here to help.

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